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Actor? Yes, but also director of "Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends)". Now on HBO in US, Netflix worldwide✌🏻♥️ 🤘🏻 Link👇🏻
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Two years. Thinking of all our friends back in Paris today. I love you all the time

6,649 | 7 days ago | 84

Scenes from A Record Shop

982 | 15 days ago | 15

Finally got to experience this. It did not disappoint.



629 | 18 days ago | 9

Happy Halloween from Stage 8

1,995 | 18 days ago | 47

Sometimes “Showbusiness” is an empty camera truck blasting music on the lot at 6:45am

2,324 | 27 days ago | 21

Missing Copenhagen. Loved every second. Did not disappoint.

1,144 | 31 days ago | 22

Just reading papers...various papers

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Man in the mirrors

20,096 | 38 days ago | 270

ABSOFUCKINLUTELY #Repost @jonathanmtucker (artist @badasscrossstitch ) ・・・ proud supporter of powerful women & women in power. the future is female.

2,684 | 39 days ago | 35

I prefer “El Economico”

8,311 | 47 days ago | 216

petty On March 5th, 1990 my mom surprised me after school. We went down to Tower Records on 16th and Broadway in Sacramento, CA. As you could do back then, we went inside went up to the Bass Ticketron counter and bought two tickets to see Tom Petty, THAT NIGHT, in concert on the “Full Moon Fever” Tour. The Heartbreakers were in tow, even though it was a solo record. Lenny Kravitz opened up, back when he wanted to let love rule rather than know if you were gonna go his way. I was a kid. I was a fan of …well; anything… except for those things I violently disliked for whatever unknown reason. I liked music, that much I knew, and I liked Tom Petty. My mom used to listen to his music on cassette tapes in the car all the time before she eventually made the switch to nonstop classical music. We went from Tower Records directly to the concert and the ensuing evening blew my little 12-year-old mind. I had never been to a concert before. I had never experienced that kind of communal joy before…I didn’t know all the songs, but I didn’t care. I knew enough. I knew that I had found something special. It was Tom Petty; it was rock and roll, it was live music. That night when we got home, my mom gave me all of her Tom Petty tapes and my relationship with music began. One week ago, a buddy of mine had an extra ticket to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play at the Hollywood Bowl and asked if I would like to join. I leaped at the offer. I didn’t know if I would have another chance to see them play…I knew it was the last show of their recent Tour. Since my mom had passed away, I had always wanted to see them play again, in her honor? I guess, I dunno. Just felt like seeing them play again would have a deeper meaning since she was the one who surprised me with the tickets to that first concert. The Bowl was a blast, a fun time had by all. Bittersweet, thinking of my mom, but joyful as it was a celebration of so much good in this world. Rest in Peace Tom Petty. You helped changed my life. Thank you

1,983 | 48 days ago | 46

Book of Knowledge

673 | 51 days ago | 14

Once again, @jroddywalston and The Business play rock and roll from the soul and those who were present are better for it. New record out Friday. Get it. It might just change your life

1,521 | 53 days ago | 36

Last Dance with the first band I ever saw in concert. Bittersweet, but damn it was fun.