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414,163 | 5 days ago | 1915

Charms charms charms! I can't thank the amazing @grazielagems enough for the new additions to the #graziela4ISF collection! Thank you for supporting our work at the foundation and for your endlessly giving heart dedicated to saving the lives of furry creatures around the world. Head over to to see the new pieces she created with my beautiful wife! No fancy filter so you can see the charms charm... get it? 😜

218,168 | 7 days ago | 1831

LINK IN BIO!! Every day, I look at this calendar and am reminded of the creatures that ISF has helped through our Emergency Medical Grants. Farm, exotic, domestic, wild...all animals deserve our love & help. When you order the ISF Calendar, you directly support ISF's Medical Grant Program, so more creatures can be saved because of us, together. Who wants to read the story of Sundari the kitten with me this month?

1,648,374 | 8 days ago | 5974

I remember this special moment last May standing on these rocks in Hawaii with you, our little girl in your belly... I feel so lucky to have this strong, powerful woman as my guiding light and my partner in crime. While today is #internationalwomensday I think it’s imperative that we celebrate all women, all day and every in every way.



898,757 | 11 days ago | 8680

Piazzela Fratelli Zavattari, 6:15 AM this morning Milano time.This was my 1st apartment in Milano in 1995 when I was here as a model.So many memories of this little square as a 16 and 17 year old kid that I wanted to stop here&feel it once again.To see if i could.I had my driver drop me here before my flight just to walk around and take in the quiet,dark,wet &chilly city morning.This cold morning reminded me of a time I lost my keys one night in Milano&had to wait for someone in my building to leave for work so I could get in.I wasn’t upset at all about it at the time,it was a peaceful morning&it’s now a peaceful memory.I just sat on the curb shivering a bit a writing in my journal that I carried everywhere.Wow it was all so simple...That was over two decades ago. Now,in 2018,the bakery has changed shape,it still smells amazing but looks new.An old woman from Sicily used to bake bread every morning there 22 years ago as she had for decades of her life before.When I had no money, she would give me loaves of bread and sometimes a bottle of wine to keep me company, open my mind and warm my heart, she would say to me in a thick accent. She had done the same for her son. I really appreciated that little old woman&she knew that I was just a kid trying to make it in the world. The world was bright then,every turn of a street could mean a new revelation,every handshake could be the one that changed the course of my life...I want to get back to feeling that way.Imagine if we could still live our lives with such curiosity&joy.If we could raise our children&run our companies with the promise&knowledge that each new day brings such amazing things with those around us&with kindness&compassion.Now, in this little piazza in the dark early morning, every dog I see on a leash is followed by their human parent, face lit by a tiny little screen getting pictures, gossip content or maybe election news that is filling their brains so early; how I wish they could just look,I hope they do.I hope we all do... Our lives and self worth are not locked up in the little glowing devices.They are only tools.The good stuff comes from our hearts and our spirits. I really do believe this...

712,768 | 14 days ago | 3881

Here it is! Our @gogreenequipment suit that the champ and my bro @austindillon3 is wearing today, right now in Las Vegas. Tune in and watch some #NASCAR magic! I’m in my hotel in Milan but would also love to be in breezy Vegas to watch this beast roar around the track! Go kick ass @austindillon3 ! We’re with you brotha!!! So proud to have our COLORS on your car and on that suit. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

165,179 | 14 days ago | 882

‪My company @gogreenequipment colors are flying! Practice run right NOW with the champion @austindillon3 behind the wheel & @gogreenequipment colors on the car! I’ve worked so hard on this company with my team and having our colors and our name on that car this weekend in Las Vegas with @rcrracing is so very special. Watch tomorrow and send @austindillon3 some fast, positive and victorious energy. He’s a true legend in the making (and already a record breaker) and we’re all going to cheer him on until we are blue in the face. I have so many questions from you all about racing and will share with you the amazing work that #nascar is doing in the sustainability world. It’s a sport that knows recycling, reusing and repurposing is the only way to operate. That’s exactly what they do. With an audience this big and such a poweful message it’s amazing to see. I will miss You this weekend brotha @austindillon3 but I look forward a a hug and a lesson soon man. More to come ya’ll

622,153 | 18 days ago | 8785

When your 1200lb kid goes to the dentist...

440,075 | 24 days ago | 2506

THANK YOU to all of the brilliant woman (a few guys, too 😉) who made Mardi Paws 2018 a huge success! Our celebrity monarchs, Sabrina Gennarino aka @sabrinagennarino and Kerry Cahill aka @kerry_cahill , you two definitely rocked the day! Such an amazing event in Mandeville, Louisiana, benefitting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation aka @isfofficial . #MardiPaws #ISF #Gratitude

969,276 | 26 days ago | 5430

Start em up! Go @austindillon3 go! Go Green Equipment can NOT WAIT to be on your car in Vegas and Phoenix! See you in the Victory lane! #Daytona500 #NASCAR I LOVE THIS! Mr. Richard Childress, sir your family is so special and welcomed us like family and it was so very very fun! I look forward to such a great relationship, team and family.

748,269 | 27 days ago | 4532

My boy @austindillon3 is about to tear it up #NASCARonFox AT 2:30 EST #DaytonaDay WATCH THIS!

1,278,658 | 27 days ago | 9550

In the pit! My bro @austindillon3 is crushing. I’m so fricking stoked to be part of this race team with my company Go Green Equipment. Wow...

1,869,515 | 30 days ago | 13860

Damn girl I only have one question: WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? ;)

688,510 | 32 days ago | 2730

These kids... Saved, safe, pregnant and loved. You @nikkireed along with the three exceptional women and The Diane Warren Foundation pulled these beautiful, smart and sentient beings from certain death somewhere in a cold Colorado feedlot. I saw the inner workings of it all… The phone calls, texts, emails the bank transactions… The sleepless nights of the endless battles of animal rescue. It’s one of the many reasons I fell madly in love with this woman. It’s that compassion, that passion and determination to help creatures around her that is a gift to see every day. Thank you my love, for bringing these beautiful donkey girls and the other mustang colts and fillies that you ladies saved into our lives.... What an amazing day being with you and our new girls today. Wow. I love you

781,518 | 39 days ago | 4264

Home sweet home.The famous @warnerbrostv lot. The tree that holds the NEST of our very own @rarebirdsprods aka Rare Birds Productions. Done with another long and inspiring day of developing television for your viewing and thinking pleasure. I can’t wait to show you all this stuff. Working hard. This is fun. Wow

343,256 | 41 days ago | 1980

I miss you already Mexico... Amazing people, amazing food and recycled water on the golf course. Courses require so much water it hurts, so thank you for using sustainable practices in this resort. We love you. I can’t wait to come back and do some more work on my tequila company!