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70,686 | about 23 hours ago | 762

I’ve been going to Molly’s pub for almost 20 years. It’s especially good luck on St. Patrick’s Day! #PreGame #HappyStPatricksDay #LastNightAt #Mollys #Fallon #NYC

33,644 | 4 days ago | 517

Last night I went to an Indian restaurant called Junoon and Chef Akshay Bhardwaj taught me how to make naan. I’ve been eating it for all these years and never knew how it was made. Thanks for the fun night!

47,652 | 4 days ago | 439

New #FallonTonight show tonight!! Also I will be a guest on @VICELAND’s @desusandmero with @desusnice and @thekidmero (thanks for having me on - fun one) TONIGHT!!



96,161 | 38 days ago | 2502

All new Tonight Show - TONIGHT!! #FallonTonight

303,127 | 38 days ago | 2127

New Tonight Show starts in 10 minutes!!! That means you have more than enough time to get NBC on your TV and start watching or recording!!! We have Super Bowl champs the Philadelphia Eagles, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and DIPLO ft MO and GOLDLINK. Turn it up. #FallonTonight

55,963 | 39 days ago | 418

We are back in NEW YORK CITY - big show tonight after @NBCThisIsUs. The Philadelphia EAGLES will be here, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and DIPLO ft. MO and GOLDLINK. Set your DVRs your @tivo ‘s - it’s another good one. All new TONIGHT SHOW. #FallonTonight - also we will be doing a mono rehearsal LIVE on Insta and Facebook around 3:30 today. Watch - comment - enjoy. Thanks!!!

100,376 | 40 days ago | 473

We are going LIVE after a very special This Is Us. It’s a big show! #FallonLIVE

66,579 | 40 days ago | 236

Live show tonight!! How are you getting here?? #FallonLive #SuperBowl

124,216 | 40 days ago | 1212

Calling the headline...

1,225,418 | 40 days ago | 4942

Getting ready to see @justintimberlake CRUSH it!! #pepsihalftime #superbowl #fallonlive

173,363 | 41 days ago | 818

LIVE show tonight after the #SuperBowl!! @justintimberlake will talk and perform, the phenomenal cast of @NBCThisIsUs will talk about tonight’s episode, @TheRock debuts #Skyscraper trailer and Justin will close out the show with a special guest. It’s our biggest show of the year. LIVE from the Orpheum in Minneapolis. #FallonLIVE #ManOfTheWoods #PepsiHalftimeShow

179,191 | 41 days ago | 1009

See you tomorrow!!! #FallonLive

100,722 | 41 days ago | 902

Cheers!!! So excited for tomorrow!! Thank you @justintimberlake, @TheRock, @NBCThisIsUs and @Pepsi. #PepsiHalftime #FallonLIVE

263,515 | 42 days ago | 1689

When in Minneapolis visit Mickey’s for breakfast. Ask for Mary. She will throw you out. #FallonLIVE

139,432 | 42 days ago | 1756

Did it. Yummmmmm.