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Mother of 4, wife, actress on Grey’s Anatomy, professional downhill hiker, Leo through and through, and a photographic memory as the cherry on top🍒
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“The time is always right to do what is right.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

295,487 | 1 day ago | 2781

Paris, Paris, Pareeee!! So fortunate to be sharing so many of my favorite places in one of my favorite cities with one of my favorite girls. Such an incredible trip full of looking at her little eyes stretched so big with tons of wonder. Photo credit: Evie Gavigan

234,738 | 3 days ago | 2021

Wrangled up this sweet girl and made her my travel partner in crime. Adventurers forevahhhhh!!! Can anyone guess where we are?



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Travel essentials ✅ ✈️📚 #thelastmrsparrish #travelessentials

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I was blown away by the speech that the inimitable @oprah gave at last night’s Golden Globes. I believe with all my heart that there is indeed a new day on the horizon. And I cannot wait to behold the light that it brings to ALL. #timesup #goldenglobes #oprah

46,846 | 8 days ago | 205

Golden Globe Sunday well spent prepping dinner with my Littles and getting ready to watch the show! #goldenglobes #sundayfeast

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In solidarity with my fellow ladies (and human beings). It’s time to stand up and demand gender equality! Link in bio to donate to the legal defense fund! #timesupnow

118,205 | 9 days ago | 886

Cruisin’ into the weekend like... 💕JKG 💕

27,919 | 10 days ago | 232

#Repost @timesupnow ・・・ Time's up on silence. Time's up on waiting. Time's up on tolerating discrimination, harassment and abuse. #TIMESUP. Sign the solidarity letter & donate now to the #TIMESUP Legal Defense Fund. Link in bio.

33,047 | 48 days ago | 406

#givingtuesday is an incredible day to give crucial support to organizations like @heartofvip I have been to their offices, facilities, and intake centers and seen the work that they are doing and it is nothing short of heroic. They take in young children and teenagers who have been victims of relentless abuse and help them put back their pieces again so they can have a shot at feeling whole. And human. And loved. If their work speaks to you please lend your heart and your support. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

110,313 | 51 days ago | 399

The best kind of team to be a player on...surprised @christopher_gav with T-shirts for the Turkey Bowl 2017!!! Wishing you all a beautiful holiday weekend!! 🍁❤️🍁❤️🍁❤️🍁❤️🍁❤️

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Coming at you from SGMW It’s GREY’S DAY, it’s grey’s day! #tgit @greysabc *clearly my arms aren’t long enough to capture all 4 faces proper...

47,425 | 61 days ago | 131

I know this is a faraway and not so perfect shot BUT...the two people in it more than makeup for it’s faraway-ness. @oprah gave a sublime introduction for Shondaland’s Queen @shondarhimes AND...Shonda owned the most exquisite, nuanced and poignant speech. I got to sit next to #kateburton aka #ellisgrey after working a full day alongside many in our beloved cast of @greysabc It was a very fine day.

82,115 | 64 days ago | 272

Lovely Sunday evening...11.12.17 There is beauty all around to behold...and to hold dear... 📸@christophergavigan

166,096 | 68 days ago | 1095

Oh my, oh my...300 EPISODES OF ❤️ @greysabc ❤️ Thank you to @hollywoodreporter for assembling this gorgeous (on the inside and out) group of talented people. I’m crazy lucky to have them all in my lives.