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410,674 | 1 day ago | 1532

Gabriel’s birthday party has bunnies!

52,498 | 3 days ago | 356

Lit up Las Vegas at CES with @madebygoogle the other night! Excited for what’s in store!

268,565 | 8 days ago | 590

Last night! Thank you @theartofelysium for a wonderful night!



768,626 | 15 days ago | 2976

2017’s greatest hits. Featuring my beautiful wife and daughter, of course. I love them so much and I look forward to us growing and flourishing together in 2018. Happy New Year to everyone!!

81,490 | 18 days ago | 1162

Hey guys, this is it! Last chance to join me in LA for an incredible night of music, art and food. It’s The Art of Elysium’s Heaven event, curated by yours truly, and I want YOU to be my special guest. Enter to win by clicking the link in my bio or go to

220,447 | 21 days ago | 598

280,438 | 21 days ago | 554

A no filter Christmas

302,747 | 21 days ago | 493

Christmas in the canyon

417,595 | 22 days ago | 1560

Merry Christmas!!

24,501 | 27 days ago | 251

It’s your last chance to be my guest for a night of incredible art and music! Heaven only knows the amazing time we’ll have together at The Art of Elysium’s Heaven event. Don’t miss out—ENTER through my bio link or at

21,621 | 27 days ago | 369

Bless up. I'm playing Jesus Christ in #JesusChristSuperstar Live! coming to @NBC this April!

34,277 | 33 days ago | 226

I hope you're ready to watch a once in a lifetime performance because tonight is the night! I will be performing #PenthouseFloor from the roof of the Hollywood Roosevelt on @JimmyKimmelLive and you won't want to miss it! #Kimmel

32,452 | 34 days ago | 135

I hope your schedules are cleared for tomorrow night because @JimmyKimmelLive is something you won't want to miss! We're taking the #PenthouseFloor to new heights with a live rooftop performance above Hollywood.

35,709 | 34 days ago | 129

We've gone higher than the Penthouse! Set your alarm, set your DVR - tomorrow night, Dec 13, on @jimmykimmellive watch me bring #PenthouseFloor to the roof of the Hollywood Roosevelt - this hasn't been done in YEARS. #Kimmel

15,986 | 34 days ago | 138

Will you be my guest at Heaven? It will be a night of art, music and food while surrounded by incredible people. Best of all, you’ll support The Art of Elysium when you ENTER through my bio link or at