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43,977 | 1 day ago | 201

Congrats to @lakeypeterson and @julian_wilson for their wins in yesterday’s #QuikProGoldCoast to kick off the 2018 season (and Julian and @ashley_oh for their firstborn!). Inspired performances. I knew that swell was coming so to say I’m envious of empty Kirra yesterday would be an understatement! But it was great to watch you both win and see all the new talent on tour. @keelyandrew really impressed at Snapper and I think everyone agrees that @griffin_cola was a huge standout in his first event as were @tomashermes and @michaelrodrigues85. It’s gonna be a great @wsl season. Hopefully I can get amongst it sooner than later. ✌🏽And, of course, an added congrats to @acebuchan who nearly stole one for the old guard and the goofies!

50,247 | 1 day ago | 396

Repost from of the best surf days of my life in Portugal. @toddglaser and I knew it would be firing and rushed to make the high tide so there was some water on the reef (we got lost on a ‘shortcut’ google maps sent us on). I was bummed losing my heat the day before to @aritz_aranburu but this was the reward. Then Aritz lost out this morning and soon joined me in the lineup. @seabassz decided to wait for the lowest tide you could still surf it on and came out for the last hour and scored some crazy ones. This place scares the shit out of me but nobody’s ever out and you can have your pick of the litter. The couple I missed early in the session would have been 50% bigger than this one and probably some of the best waves of my life if I could’ve figured out how to line up and catch one of em.

36,700 | 5 days ago | 274

Happy Birthday to #AlMerrick! Love you like a dad. The world’s a better place for having people like yourself and I’m lucky to have met you as a teenager. Thanks for making my boards, teaching me great things about life, giving me a part time home on your couch, and pets I could treat as my own since I always traveled so much. Can’t say enough nice things about this guy. 🙏🏽



67,408 | 5 days ago | 1309

I have officially withdrawn from the #QuikProGoldCoast. For many months, my gut feeling has been to use this injury as a platform to overhaul and reset my mind and body. The looming excitement about a new year starting, my foot sort of magically allowing me to surf the past couple of days, and a number of other factors had me talking myself back into jumping in as soon as possible against my better judgment. I feel I've had a couple of half hearted attempts these past couple of years fighting injury and desire. The foot injury symbolizes a lot at this point in my career both as an ending and as a beginning. Hearing @mfanno talk about his reasons for retiring at the upcoming Bells event yesterday rang true for me also around going in the direction of doing things that make you uncomfortable. Competing is a natural environment for us both and it's the easy route for me. I think it best that I properly rehabilitate the injury and choose to surf wholeheartedly, not from the excitement or stress of a last minute arrival. It's not very professional or responsible and it won't allow me to be at my best potential. I really love the energy around the events, especially a new year, and I find myself at odds especially with a potential Kirra swell approaching. I wish the best for everyone this event and a special good luck to @mikeyfebruary who will surf in my absence. Let him know if he wins I'm requesting a 10% caddy fee!😀🤷🏽‍♂️ Thanks to the WSL and crew for helping accommodate my predicament and I'll be back when the time is right for me.✌🏽 #Repost @wsl with @get_repost ・・・ 11x World Champion @kellyslater​ at Snapper Rocks 🙌 #QuiksilverPro #GoldCoast | March 11 - 22 @quiksilver

12,755 | 6 days ago | 194

We are having our big winter sale/first sale of the year at @outerknown through midnight tonight. Up to 70% off. Outerknown has become the fastest #FairLaborAssociation accredited clothing brand to date, starting the process before ever shipping a product and were certified in 2.5 years. Shelly Gottschamer, our Chief Sustainability Officer, created our supply chain from the ground up, visiting and hand-picking the best facilities and textiles available in the USA and around the world. We are a small brand so the utmost care goes into every product we make. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We’ve listened to the feedback on product and pricing and have done our best to merge sustainability, quality, design, and pricing into product people love. A huge thank you to our team in the office and our customers. I’m very proud of our company and how far we’ve come in the past couple of years. Alright...enjoy your day. Link is in my bio. 🏄🏽‍♂️✌🏽👌🏽🤙🏽

35,327 | 6 days ago | 471

This was heartwarming to receive...Thank you to everyone supporting me on the Gold Coast all these years and wondering where I am right now as my heat begins at the #quikprogoldcoast2018. If round 2 men’s does not run tomorrow, I will most likely make it to surf my heat. If it runs tomorrow, @mikeyfebruary will take my spot and best of luck to him. I had surgery 3-1/2 weeks ago and am not quite out of the woodwork yet. I was looking forward to having what could be our final heat together with @mfanno but I’ve only surfed 4 times since my latest surgery while getting work on the foot and letting it heal. If I do show, I’m not expecting my best performance but with some wave luck and tubes, I’ll have some fun. Thanks to the @wsl for keeping me in the draw (as per the rules, of course). I look forward to competing again soon and back to full health hopefully in the coming months. ✌🏽 Video courtesy of @maya_beeeee

28,387 | 10 days ago | 219

A Hui Hou, #GeorgeDowning. It was an honor to surf on your call when #TheBayCallsTheDay for over two decades in #TheEddieAikau. Condolences to your vast group of friends and family. You will be sorely missed and fondly remembered as a good guy and a great shaper and waterman (and even the first person to put a removable fin on a surfboard). Mahalo Nui Loa! 🙏🏽🏄🏽‍♂️🤙🏽

69,786 | 26 days ago | 645

Two years today since @brock.little checked out. If you knew Brock, this picture sums him up perfectly. Miss this guy.

63,330 | 30 days ago | 258

My partner in valentine. Love you! ❤️

68,447 | 33 days ago | 769

Thank you @pierre_agnes for a life well lived. Life won’t be the same without you but ours are all richer for having known you. There are never enough words to express it all so I’ll leave you with something you always told me...#NoBullshit. You were always a man of your word. #Capbreton @quiksilver

59,586 | 40 days ago | 646

Testing 5’3” #Cymatic at Haleiwa. Thanks for the shot, @darrickd!

83,283 | 44 days ago | 827

#SuperBlueBloodMoon and setting sun last night from Oahu taken with Nikon P900.

51,836 | 45 days ago | 1101

I love this man. @pierre_agnes went missing in Hossegor today when his boat washed ashore in the cold, early morning fog. I’m praying for a miracle but it’s just starting to hit me what a profound effect this man had on my life and the surf community at large. He loved his morning fishing trips, family, @quiksilver, surfing, friends, motorbikes, Capbreton...I’m not even sure how to let it sink in. 😢

11,830 | 53 days ago | 222

The @keiki_classic...#Tournotes style by your boy, @peterkingphoto! Cool to see all the groms on the same video platform as the tour pros. Can’t imagine what that would’ve felt like as a kid! Congrats to everyone for throwing yet another legendary event in Kona. Now we gotta figure out how to sneak this kid, @lukeheflin, into #SurfRanch cause I didn’t clear it with my partners yet! He can just wear a bald cap and ride my board or Shane’s, I suppose. 😬🏄🏽‍♂️ @wsl @kswaveco @shanedorian @slaterdesigns @dorian_ohana @jackson_dorian @torreymeister

44,935 | 54 days ago | 1778

@silver.matthew, NYC street performer, channeling truth on a deep level. How does this make you feel? This guy should be in films.