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Please support Makana’s gofundme above whose mother’s life was senselessly cut short yesterday in a robbery and homicide on the North Shore. 🙏🏽
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Thank you for showing us the world as you saw it, #BruceBrown. You were one of the good guys and reminded me of my dad a lot. We need more like you. On to the other side. I hope to bump into you again in some other place and time. There are never enough words to say goodbye properly. 🙏🏽 #RIP #EndlessSummer #OnAnySunday

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If you’re on Oahu or have been on North Shore today, please keep your eyes open for this vehicle and a guy with green or blue hair. Please keep your eyes peeled while driving around and keep this car description in the front of your mind...GOLD COLORED 4 door Toyota Tacoma with license plate KWN344. The North Shore is a tight community. A murder is basically unheard of and everyone knows everyone. No need for this person or persons to be on the run for more than a few more minutes. Please, let’s find em and not have everyone scared for a minute more. I don’t know the victim but she is a friend to many of my friends. This is just awful. Condolences to those affected and let’s band together to figure this out!

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#RIP #PatOhare. This has always been a wild connection because our parents didn’t know each other but had kids in the same hospital, at roughly the same time, named and spelled ‘Sean’ and ‘Kelly’. How strange! And then Kelly (@kelly.ohare) was my childhood crush and gf at 11 y.o. (we never even held hands though) and Sean (@shadowohare) was our surf partner as kids and teammate on our first surf team at Shagg’s Surf Shop. Pat has always been a local legend...shaper, surfer, all around nice guy. It sucks growing up and getting old. I don’t recommend it. But it’s also beautiful to have the memories and history with the intertwined lives around us. I’ll never forget driving past Pat’s house at 13th St and honking the horn every time to say ‘what’s up, Pat’. We’ll keep your memory alive and keep honking no matter what hour of the day it is. If you have a memory of Pat please leave it below for his family to enjoy. 🙏🏽

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@conradjackcarr has already walked 1000 miles from New York to Florida over the past month to raise money for animals displaced by recent hurricane disasters. I just challenged him to keep walking another 100 miles to #CocoaBeach and I will give him $10/mile towards his goals. Anyone wanna join in? If you even want to support with good food or a bed along the way or maybe get him a board and suit to use for a quick surf, that would be amazing. He’s been eating at gas stations and fast food the whole way so maybe hook him up with some fresh juices and healthy meal on his trek? I’ll find a link to put in my bio to lend support if you feel so inclined. 🙌🏽 @surfinista he’s headed your way for the final stop!

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@kalanirobb is still a better tube rider than everyone you (or I) know. @kswaveco the other month. #SoSick in #TheStokeMachine.

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This was the first time I ever saw Andy stoked that I was in the barrel! Andy...wish this was us today! Thinking bout you. #7YearsToday

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Stoked to run into @jakeburton77 tonight in NYC. Jake sponsored me for many years after acquiring @cisurfboards and supporting a ton of pros across all action sports for decades. Jake...great to see you up and about surfing, snowboarding, and golfing again after some tough health challenges the past few years. Too bad @benjiweatherley wasn’t with us for a selfie....maybe next time. ✌🏽🏄🏽🏌🏻‍♀️

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Thanks and yours were good to me today. Sorry I don’t have everyone’s tags but I appreciate the photos and warm welcome (cold wind though) and hospitality. Been waiting for one of those great NJ days for decades. Remarkable conditions albeit short-lived. I’ve missed the easy coast hospitality. Fun surf with a mellow crew. ✌🏽🏄🏽🤙🏽

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@ian.walsh...congrats on your win at #Peahi today...but mostly for the wave of a lifetime! Wow. Not many things on this earth compare to that in my opinion. And to @billykemper for a runner up and narrowly missing your #threepeat...🤙🏽. Also a huge congrats to @paigealms for her second year running as the women’s champ. Great to see the girls out there charging! Wish I had been there in person for the action. Go the the WSL app and watch the highlight. Insane. Crazy to see where things have progressed to in the past 5 years alone. I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen in the future.

27,627 | 47 days ago | 129

If you’re not watching the #Peahi/#Jaws event live right now on the @wsl app you might wanna turn it on. Men’s semifinals now then women’s final before men’s final. Perfect conditions today.

59,590 | 49 days ago | 2400’s official...we have a building permit in Palm Beach County for #SurfRanchFlorida. I’m beyond proud and stoked to see the first of our developments at @kswaveco going to my home state of #Florida. Thank you to Mayor Burdick and the city commissioners for your approval and support of the project. Also thank you to #JupiterFarms for your comments and support. Looking forward to being neighbors. I keep joking about it but it might be true that now I can move back home now and surf as much as I want! Cannot wait to see a bunch more stoked people riding waves. This is gonna be fun. 🌊🏄🏽🌴🦈🐊🌪

97,388 | 51 days ago | 769

The @kswaveco throwing me some shade a few days ago! I’m at a loss for words with this place. #The🤙🏽Machine keeps delivering. I’ve seen and heard the best memories of people’s lives being created during its short lifespan. People have said over and over it was the best day of their lives (and I won’t name names but a couple of them might even be married with kids! 😃) There is nothing better than helping create something people even think that about. Thank you to my team. Thank you to everyone who has shared this idea and vision and the stoke around it with us. We hope to share it with everyone who wants to ride it one day soon so we’ll keep working to make that a reality. Thanks for the frame grab @hunterainslie but I wish you had faith in me and kept filming! That was a good one. We’ll just have to do it again.

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I got tubed today on #TheStokeMachine. Thanks @raimanaworld for video and commentary. @kswaveco

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On the @miked #Echochamber podcast that posted yesterday. When I was 15, I must’ve listened to #TheBeastieBoys #PaulRevere song about 10,000 times that summer. Funny to relive it with Mike D nearly 30 years later and talk a lifetime of music. Surfing, music, art, etc. all break down barriers. If the world’s leaders would sit in a room for 5 minutes and look each other in the eyes and talk about things they have in common or love, I think all this shit would get sorted out pretty quick like. I wish more of them had the balls to cause they’d probably really enjoy the company when the rest is put to the side. I’m really just talking about a podcast but what you think about that?!👇🏽