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11,017 | 1 day ago | 61

The squad be out here.. we only missing @tadao310 & @lalipows #SXSW

29,535 | 1 day ago | 307

Nice to be back.. #sxsw

17,372 | 2 days ago | 143

#TBT to when this band of #actors took #Europe..



29,226 | 5 days ago | 238

Oh Ok!! Yes buddy, I’m home!!.. I’m home!!.. #MyGoodBoy

9,999 | 6 days ago | 37

Listening to Kathy the Co- Founder of #OperationSmile, on how it all begin and how it only takes $240 dollars for a child to receive surgery and restore their smile.. it’s a beautiful mission.. link in my bio to learn more and to donate!!! Also second pic is from some of the sweet people that joined the weekend..

20,046 | 6 days ago | 85

So happy and proud to be in Park City supporting the efforts of my friend Jeniffer Salke and her beautiful family in helpful kids born with cleft around the world.. #OperationSmile is bringing smiles back to children around the planet.. with missions in almost every continent.. if you wanna know more on how you can help, click on the link in my bio..

9,280 | 8 days ago | 116

Making progress on my form.. not perfect, but it will be. #SandBag #Sprints #MyHourADay my #FitnessProgram 🎥: @jordanfperform

14,035 | 8 days ago | 84

Let’s just say.. he won, every time.. he always runs side by side, and races me like we are playing.. he’s a good boy.

11,385 | 11 days ago | 86

A late night, high rep burn out #workout.. 📷: @jordanfperform

11,423 | 11 days ago | 53

Never been more focused in my life.. there comes a time where you just have to put it in gear.. and not look back. Not everyone will keep up, but anyone that does... is supposed to be there.

17,655 | 11 days ago | 103

Tomorrow night, see you at 8pm on @cbstv .. #NCIS

17,351 | 13 days ago | 121

“I mean this dude STILL in the bathroom.... “ 📷: @frankrobertsnyc

19,023 | 15 days ago | 143

In honor of this week’s episode of #NCIS, I wanted to #tbt this picture.. it meant a lot to share the screen with Mr. French Stewart. He was on #ThirdRockFromTheSun when I was cast on #That70sShow, the creators of his show.. Bonnie and Terri Turner, along side Mark Brazil created 70s.. I’ll never forget the day that Bonnie, Terri, Mark.. Tom Werner and Marcy Carsey took us to a live taping of Third Rock.. they wanted us to get a feel for what we should expect once we started production of 70s.. watching this man, along with John Lithgow, Jane Curtin, Kristin Johnston and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was inspiring, the thought that somehow we could be as funny as they were together.. French and Mr Lithgow were actors that made me understand that when playing any character, specially eccentric ones like Harry, Dr. Dick Solomon and #Fez.. that no matter the situation or emotional roller coaster.. that to the character it HAS to be real.. he or she has to believe every single word that comes out of his or her mind. I carry that with me to every set I’ve been in since I started my career.. I’ve learned so much, but there’s still an unexplored ocean of knowledge. Never stop listening, keep asking questions.. zero shame in not knowing, only regrets come from not exploring..

45,769 | 16 days ago | 1041

#behindthescenes of an #actor’s life. The #Magical moment for every artist. #NapTime

28,551 | 16 days ago | 529

Let’s talk about you and me..