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Monday night with Conor McGregor #Repost @thenotoriousmma Rocky 12: The Irish Stallion This Monday night on @fallontonight!

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#fbf to some excerpts from a video I got to do with fashion designer @viktorluna a few years back. So much fun! ... #TransIsBeautiful #viktorluna #projectrunway

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Finally figured out what I’m wearing for my next special

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Heaven @versace 🔔♥️💭

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Pre-Order starts on Monday!!!!!! I am so damn excited!!!!! #VitaHustle #EmbraceTheHustle ....The best Multi Vitamin on the Market!!!!! Let’s goooooooo ....Make sure you follow @getvitahustle

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Cheers to the first weekend of spring! 🌸 Bring out your inner mixologist this weekend by making our delicious smoky Serrano-mint margarita: start by muddling charred Serrano chili with sugar and fresh mint before mixing with the margarita trifecta: tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. ✨ Grab the full recipe in the link in bio! 👆🏼📷: @lennartweibull

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It’s Friday !!! What you cooking this weekend ??? Big love make it a good one guys xxxxxx

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Why did I give @JakeTapper a camera crew backstage at my show?

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Just got this reminder that this scene happened 4 years ago today! #MelissaandJoey. So many of these people has been in my life for years or became friends during this time! @davidlascher from Sabrina days. @joeylawrence & @matthewlawrence and I grew up on The east coast as actors running into each other constantly, @marissajaretwinokur and I did #NuttyChristmas last year and chat constantly, @faithprince and @actor_christopher_rich were on Sabrina and total sweet hearts and role models always , @yolakin and I used to do Billy Blanks 💪🏼workouts in our 20s before we finally worked together on MJ. And of course my beloved @taylorspreitler @therealnickrobinson @realsterling @kevinfonteyne who I think of like my own children. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Good Times, even better memories!! #fbf

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Never 🖤

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I ❤️ LA

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Samira Wiley post on Instagram

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Some of y’all may have to reconsider the Farm Life? 😳😳 #nowthatsludicrous

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Yep....it’s #FitnessFriday! This week let’s talk about one of my favorite things....SHOES! In my experience, our work out is as good as the gear we pair it with; the right shoe can improve form, provide comfort and stamina and prevent injury - not to mention they can also be 🔥. For me, my shoe is one of the most important elements of my workout. My favorite shoes feel like the best foot hug or like I’m wearing the most comfortable sock that has support. Trust me when I say getting the shoe right is KEY! Check stories today for some of our favorite workout sneakers and boxing shoes and their benefits. Have a wonderful workout and get to STEPPIN 💪🏽❤️ 📷 @rikerbrothers

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New Kitchen. Who dis? This project has almost killed me but it’s finally starting to pay off. 🙏🏼

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#TGIFTF! (can we make this a thing?) Our next teacher for #FeaturedTeacherFriday is Annique Webster, a 3rd grade teacher in Harlem/Hamilton Heights. Here’s what she sent to me: “I am a third-grade teacher in a title one school, where the students are new to the country and reading English is new and difficult for most. Our school goal is reading, reading, reading! I would like to support our student’s growth with giving them a variety of books both fiction and non-fiction to instill a love for reading. To keep them tuned in with today’s world I use a lot of technology in my lessons. I have 2 desktops to utilize for a class of 25. With a few portable computers students will be able to conduct independent or group research projects without having to stand around a single desktop computer. I teach in Harlem/Hamilton Heights. It's a community that has changed a lot in the past couple of years - there are families that have lived here for multiple generations, there are families that have just moved from more expensive parts of the city, and there are families who have just step foot into the United States, looking to set down their roots. My school, PS 153, has seen the demographic changes first hand. We're a Title 1 school - which means the majority of our students are on reduced or free lunch. We have a staff that is full of ideas - but we don't always have the means. We have a variety of new initiatives at our school with the intention to expose our students to activities they might not regularly see. I've been teaching for 10 years, and have been teaching at PS 153 for 3 years. This school community is especially important to me because my daughter goes to this school. I want her to have all of the opportunities I had - and more!” Annique’s Amazon wishlist will be in my Bio! I’m so grateful to everyone who helps out with these lists, I can’t even tell you. Love you guys.

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Haha #truth #millenials #snap #snapchat

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Cheers to @reesewitherspoon on her birthday. The world is better w Reese in it. #FACT

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The conversations that we have during our workday are so fucking dope. Laughing because we still can’t believe that God has blessed us to do what we are doing at the level that we are doing it at. There is an amazing amount of inspiration & motivation that comes out of this relationship....We aren’t content with what we have done...WE want more...We also both realize that our movie “Jumanji” puts us in a position to do just that....WE ARE ABOUT TO GIVE THE WORLD MORE!!!!! Buckle up people....This movie is shaping up to be really fucking special!!!!! #Jumanji #Christmas2019

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Get FREE SHIPPING on all #KKWBEAUTY domestic orders over $50 until tomorrow 03.23 at 12PM PST at KKWBEAUTY.COM and shop the #GlamBible for 20% off!!

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@mindfulskatergirl @sharonsalzberg @yurulifestyle @orangeribbonsforjaime @samantha_novick 100% of the proceeds are going to pay for “Healing through Meditation” retreats for Parkland and other mass shooting survivors  and victims’ families in MA starting this summer at @insightmeditationsociety.  Shirts can be purchased at seeyouonthesand.com under the shop.link

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Episode three of #CantJustPreach features Efren Olivares. He's the Director of @txcivilrights Racial and Economic Justice Program and is devoted to advocating for the constitutional and human rights of immigrants and their families. Learn more about his story and the Texas Civil Rights Project, link in bio.

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Happy Birthday to this special lady, @reesewitherspoon! 🎂 🎉💕 From LA to New Zealand, we’ve done some pretty cool sh*t together. Thanks for being a super stellar friend. To many more adventures ❣️ Love, your Min-Diesel.

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Season 16 So You Think You Can Dance stand ups! #hollywood #hollywoodsign #auditions #dance #sytycd #season16 @danceonfox ♥️

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@BenStiller makes me LOL.

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You guys know what a die hard @louboutinhomme fan I am so you can only imagine how exciting it was for me to get to interview Mr. Louboutin in Chicago for @americanexpress! He is as wonderful as his designs are! 👠

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To me, love and empathy are the only things that are going to push us forward. Spread it today ✨ Everyday ✨ Be what you want to receive from others ✨ This picture is such a powerful representation of love and empathy. Write me below the smallest or biggest way you are spreading empathy and love today. Shout to @villanaart and Prime Minister of New Zealand @jacindaardern ✨✨✨

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Over the years, I’ve developed a real connection with a couple of girls’ schools in London. I see myself in these girls, and always have since I first visited the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in 2009. One of these young women is Nusrath Hassan. I first met Nusrath in 2009 and we caught up again last year when I visited London for my book tour. Today, she's about to graduate from law school, and she’s been fighting for women’s rights in the community she grew up and around the world. I am so proud of Nusrath—she’s using her voice not just to benefit herself, but to lift up girls everywhere. #IAmBecoming #WomensHistoryMonth #FlashbackFriday

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This week the electoral college has been in the crosshairs, ever since Elizabeth Warren suggested abolishing it. So I thought it might be useful to show you this video done by the smart people at @tededucation. It’s a bit dated, but it’s a great primer (or refresher if 8th grade seems like a long time ago!) We’ve had two presidents in the last 16 years who didn’t win the popular vote - and many people think that’s a problem. Also, the founders established the Electoral College in 1787 when they had no idea the US would ultimately have a two party system or that blacks and women would win the right to vote. In fact, it was a way to ensure that less populated Southern states where slaves were considered only 3/5ths of a white person when state populations were being determined. It’s pretty complicated but we thought this video is a good place to start! What do you think of abolishing the electoral college? Will it unfairly advantage more populated urban areas as some have argued? Or is canning it essential in a representative democracy? John Oliver, where are you when we need you?

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Ariana Grande post on Instagram

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On this week's episode of #MarthaBakes, @marthastewart48 is sharing the secret pantry ingredients that star in some of her favorite desserts: sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. 🥛They provide toasty notes when baked and a creaminess that gives cake the perfect consistency. 🍰 Tune in to watch Martha make this passion-fruit meringue pie featuring a custardy filling made with passion fruit purée and topped with a wow-worthy, toasted meringue. ✨ Grab this week’s recipes in the link in bio and tune in to Martha Bakes on @pbs - check your local listings. 📷: @krautter

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1 Date unbothered 🤨 vs Married "Game Night" on opposite teams 🤑 #TalkThatTalk #YouSuckAtTaboo @agt week 3 🥰

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°₊·ˈ∗♡( ˃̶᷇ ‧̫ ˂̶᷆ )♡∗ˈ‧₊°

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Georgia got a little jealous bc everyone’s celebrating #NationalPuppyDay a day early. So Happy Pup Day from mine to yours!

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This A.I. just got a vertical reboot 🤖 KCs, see all the new screenshot opportunities on @spotify Link in bio #365allthetime

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Happy birthday, @ReeseWitherspoon! I hope you come back and visit your happy place soon.

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Inspired by the work @larissawohl and everyone at @adoptioneverafter and @hallmarkchannel has done to find loving homes for thousands of animals. It’s incredible! #upfront2019

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#Regram #RG @cnn: Known as the “big tusker,” these stunning photos 🐘 capture a rare “Elephant Queen” in Kenya. Roaming Kenya’s Tsavo National Park, she’s a unique and extraordinary sight – it’s estimated that fewer than 30 of these animals still exist in Africa. British photographer @willbl made this series of photos for his book “Land of Giants,” which will raise awareness and funds for conservation efforts. (📸: Will Burrard-Lucas)

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Gypsy Morning 💎✨📿🧿🕊💫 #JAXGPYPSY

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Guess who’s coming to Cloud 9?! ☁️🙋🏻‍♀️💼📋😍

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#fbf #BFF @sashalvaoneill 🥯💖 @finnsite 2012ish

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Happy Friday. Thank you so much for the 🖤 And holy shit what a spectacular launch. I make all this training gear for you - it’s so gratifying to see you enjoy it. What a journey. Enjoy. LINK FOR YOUR GEAR IS IN 👆🏾BIO #ProjectRock #DwayneJohnsonTraining #UnderArmour #IAintGotTimeForFluidInTheLungs

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Here's a sneak peek at my new series with @NaomiWadler. She sat down with @SerenaWilliams, @JameelaJamilOfficial, @OliviaWilde, and @JosieTotah. I’m so proud of her. #DiversiTEAxNaomi *link in bio

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Keeping Time.....................💃🏾 @meganguwre. #magic

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I’m so proud of the continued recognition of #CrowTheLegend! Not only did we win the first ever Annie Award for Best Virtual Reality Production but now we’ve also received 4 Emmy Award nominations. I want to congratulate the cast and our great partners on another accomplishment for this flagship indigenous worldview animation. Thanks @baobabstudios, @nativegiving, @oprah, @lizakoshy, @ms_eagleheart, @diegoluna_, @constancewu and @itstyesheridan. You can watch the animated movie on my YouTube channel.

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40 is just a number, but it looks damn good on you 🥰. I wake up every morning more in love with you....happy birthday to my WHOLE LIFE. You’re so cool you’re so cool you’re so cool @adamlevine

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Sean Diddy Combs  post on Instagram

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Hard to believe this all started with writing it on my shoes in 2010. #CHANELPHARRELL @chanelofficial #ad

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Took the day off yesterday and drove to the mountains ❄️

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♡ Baby True ♡

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I knew I was in love pretty much immediately - at least to the extent I was capable of knowing. I was certain I wanted to have kids with her. But what I couldn’t have seen back then (but wish I could give myself credit for having forecasted), was how much she’d grow. How much she’d challenge herself, and deepen, and evolve. How much she would discover about herself, her gifts, her hang-ups, her passions, and just how much more in love with her I’d become with each new revelation. Happy birthday @vanderkimberly... you inspire me and everyone you know. Thanks for never settling for anything less than your (or my) best. ❤️

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