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Basically how I think I look every morning 😘

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In the latest episode for my series with @time, I interviewed Kelsey - who is a 26-year-old nurse at a hospital in New York City. Kelsey spoke to me about the pressure and trauma she's facing working on a 100% positive COVID unit. PS: I actually met Kelsey through her mom, Pam who is a Wake-Up Call subscriber and wrote to me about the work her daughter was doing and how proud of Kelsey she was. ❤️

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Use the time at home to tap into your inner mixologist! 🥃 There's a kind of magic to classic cocktail mixology that transforms a few simple ingredients into something more alluring than the sum of its parts. Need inspiration on what to make? Start with an Old-Fashioned (shown here). From martini and Manhattan to Negroni and daquiri, these are the best drink recipes to keep under your belt! Get the recipes at the link in bio. 👆🏼

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Disney+ PJs & Chill 🌸 Sisters & Best Friends 💕#quarantinelife

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I want to wholeheartedly thank everyone @preventionmag for giving me the opportunity to share some of my experience dealing with #anxiety & #panicattacks. I’m not afraid of any stigma because I own it, I live it & honesty, thrive in it. You’re not alone. Spoiler alert, the answer is simply talking about it. We don’t need to suffer in silence anymore. I’ll have more next week on @todayshow.

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Three years ago at Coachella...Who knew this mask would continue to come in handy?! 🤷🏾‍♀️😷💋

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Now that you’ve conquered bread-making at home, we’ve got a weekend project for you. If your go-to loaf of bread is fluffy white bread, this milk bread recipe has your name written all over. It's light as air with a slight sweetness. This pillowy soft, sandwich bread (shokupan) is a beloved breakfast staple in Japan and is typically eaten sliced very thick, lightly toasted, and served with accompaniments like butter and jam. Grab the full recipe at the link in bio!👆🏼📷: Marcus Nilsson

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🎧NEW PODCAST ALERT! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼In this week's episode of #NextQuestion what is it like to find out your husband/partner is banned from the hospital, much less the delivery room? Alicia and Pat share the story of a very special virtual birth (At least for Pat! 😀) I speak to doctors, and doulas - about giving birth in the time of coronavirus. One from @nyphospital and one from @elmhursthospital in Queens to understand the obstacles they face in keeping pregnant and laboring moms healthy and safe. ALSO NYC doula Chantel Traub offers tips to pregnant women and their partners for how to feel safe and empowered during a time of uncertainty. Listen to the episode where ever you get #podcasts or by hitting the link in my bio! 👶🏾👶🏼👶🏽👶🏻 #birth #motherhood #parenting #coronavirus

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COVID-19 updates for Thursday, April 16.

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Today’s slo-mo session theme: something old, something new, something borrowed, something bruised.

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Wow! Super amazing memories! I did 2 remixes for one of my favorite songs ever, “If I Ain’t Got You.” One was with my brother @usher (y’all remember that?) and the other was with my brother Kanye. ⁣ ⁣ To me the Kanye version is a secret treasure and I wanted to bring it back for you! Hear the whole song on my YouTube channel💜💜💜 #ThrowbackThursday

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| Sound on 👆🏼| Just a few weeks ago we shared a video of @marthastewart48’s newly-hatched goslings. Now look how big they are! “Can you believe those tiny goslings are almost teenagers in two weeks!!! First day outside the coop and away from the heat lamp. A bit clumsy but beautiful.” - Martha | regram via @marthastewart48

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Beautiful.❤️Yanira Soriano met her baby boy for the first time after battling #covid19. Yanira had COVID-19 pneumonia earlier this month and had to be put in a medically induced coma as well as on a ventilator. She was on the ventilator for 11 days before her baby boy was delivered via c-section. Her baby was released in good health and tested negative for COVID-19.

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NEW STORY “SHE LOVES ME... “ in blog now #linkinbio

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Today on #homeschoolwithmartha, photo director @mesiryan shows us how to repair broken pottery using the Japanese art of kintsugi. “I’ve been making pottery for over ten years and I’ve broken a lot of pots. Here’s how I repair my broken pottery using natural lacquer dusted with powdered gold. As you can see, we’re not hiding our imperfections, we’re embracing them!” he says. Visit our Stories to get the full step-by-step, and visit the link in bio to learn more about the art of kintsugi. 👆🏼

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I love this! Captain Tom Moore aimed to raise £1,000 by completing 100 laps of his 82-foot Bedfordshire garden by Thursday, his 100th birthday. He’s raised over 7 million pounds (equivalent of over $9 million dollars) for NHS, the National Health Service in the UK. He plans to do another 100 laps. "When you think of who it is all for - all those brave and super doctors and nurses we have got - I think they deserve every penny, and I hope we get some more for them too." said the Army veteran. Love you Captain Tom!😊❤️ And thanks to my friend @henriettaconrad for telling me about this story! 😘 Story via @goodnews_movement 📹: @telegraph

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That time @aaronjawshomoki and I “skated” in a @gozerog parabolic flight. I liked partial gravity better than zero gravity by the end of it, since you knew which was was up. We laughed until we cried... and then Jaws puked. 🛹🚀🤮

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From beginning conversations with Wally Lamb about adapting #IKnowThisMuchIsTrue in 2015 to putting finishing touches on the series remotely from our homes now, there's so much love and care that has gone into this project. It’s exactly what I want to do — tell the truth about human beings in a way that brings us together and doesn’t tear us apart. Thank you @variety for chatting with me and the team about it. Read the full story at the link in my bio. I Know This Much Is True premieres May 10 on @HBO. #IKTMIT Photos by @pernilleloof and @thomasloof.

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Que llegué mandando a todo el mundo? Yooo? Nunca, @alejandrosanz 😛😘😘 #tbt

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Sometimes the best things in life come in pairs. 🥂 One way senior social media manager @ohtinapark gets through her marathon puzzling projects? With the help of @marthawineco! Let @marthastewart48’s selection of rosés accompany all of your social-distancing projects at home, whether it’s an afternoon of puzzling, an evening of baking, or simply unwinding after a long day of working from home. Learn more about our favorite food and drink subscription services (that deliver right to your door!) at the link in bio.👆🏼

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Come hang out with these crazy kids tonight! #HTGAWM #tbt

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Daly isolation life. #Goldie #Fortnite #StayHome

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COVID-19 updates for Wednesday, April 15th

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‘won’t say i’m in love’ tomorrow #DisneyFamilySingalong 8/7c @abcnetwork 🖤🎙

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What day is it? Thursday? Is it time for a throwback? It’s not Thursday? Is it a week day at least? Close enough. Throwback to doing press for “The Class” on CBS (2006) with @jonnybernthal & @iamseanmaguire.

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Layer cake, cupcakes, or loaf cake? The possibilities are many, but all are oh so sweet. One basic batter makes all these and more. Get the recipe at the link in bio and bake whichever treat you fancy! 👆🏼

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Thanks @dwyanewade for the gift I’m gonna sit and enjoy this. Congrats man you are doing amazing things. From the Chi to Napa to the World!

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You know it’s a LOCKDOWN when I (!!!) am coloring Easter eggs. Haven’t done this since the third grade. They didn’t arrive in time for Easter and we didn’t want to wait til next year!

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Always challenge yourself! 👌For me it's time to study 🤓

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#FacesOfCovid: John "Jack" Ahrens died on Good Friday in his bed in Newton, Massachusetts just a few days after testing positive for Covid-19. Jack was a vibrant and curious 96-year-old (nearly 97!) who had an appreciation and respect for life that only strengthened with age. A self-proclaimed pacifist, he spent over two years in the Navy enduring some of World War II's most notorious battles (including D-DAY). He returned home deeply committed to creating and supporting peace on a local and global scale. Jack was open-mind beyond his years. He possessed an incredible level of patience and presence that made for an avid gardener, loyal friend, and deeply adored father. Jack rarely went a few hours without laughter and was always available for play, guidance or deep conversation! He was affectionately known to his 8 grand-children as "Bop Bop" and was so invested in his family that he would stay on for 3 more years after the passing of his beloved bride, Lois, to whom he was married for a blissful 67 years. He even started taking piano lessons for the first time, at age 94. During the final days of Jack's life, he was tended to by some of the most courageous, selfless and loving caregivers. They risked their health and safety simply to ensure that Jack was comfortable and that all of his beloved family could express their thanks and love on FaceTime. Particularly a man named Jason Last, who treated Jack as his own grandfather, coming in on his days off,  holding his hands and crying along with Jack's family... all of whom were aching because they could not be at his side.  Jason and Jack met four days before his death. They made heaven a place on earth during a dark time. Rest In Peace, Jack. You were deeply loved and you mattered. ❤️

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In today’s episode of “dress for your mood” I’m wearing an outfit fit for a maiden virgin a la Disney’s 1967 The Gnome-mobile, which I dreamed I was in last night. I was a gnome maiden being chased by a spritely man through the redwood forest. #scary #sexy Also please accept this rose as an apology for this dumb story. #springsprung

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Unbought and unbossed. This was my first time in the full Shirley costume. A gift to wear the wig, the dress and the glasses, and see the world through #ShirleyChisholm's eyes for this role. 👑 The first three episodes of #MrsAmerica are officially out now on FX on @Hulu! Here's to the trailblazers!!

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On today's #homeschoolwithmartha, we show you how to sew a face mask with fabric and cotton ribbon. Get the full tutorial here or at the link in bio: https://trib.al/X8xZHFK

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Wearing a tie dye t-shirt my son Milan made for me! Hoy con una camiseta tie dye que me hizo Milan!

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Thank you @jennifer.garner for organizing @savewithstories. THIRTY MILLION CHILDREN rely on school for food. Responding to the needs of kids during these school closures, @savethechildren and @nokidhungry have a new fund @SAVEWITHSTORIES to support food banks, and mobile meal trucks, and community feeding programs with funds to do what they do best—and also—with educational toys, books, and worksheets to make sure brains are full, as well as bellies. . If you can manage a one time gift of $10, please text SAVE to 20222. If another amount would work better for you, please visit their website. There is no maximum and there is no minimum—together we will rise and together we can help.

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Easy to prepare and nourishing, this straightforward, family-friendly soup recipe uses boneless chicken thighs and white rice. Ready in just an hour, it doesn't need to simmer all day for a full flavor that gets a little extra panache when topped with sharp, grated cheese. Grab the full recipe at the link in bio. 👆🏼📷: @bryangardnerphotography

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Heartbreaking.💔 Healthcare workers around the globe are not only risking their lives for us but are also having to sacrifice so much at home. Naser you are a hero. Nasal Ali Al-Shahrani, a nurse in Riyadh, broke down after having to refuse a hug from his son running to greet him after his shift at the hospital. #repost @nowthisnews

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Great reminder.❤️ #Repost @upworthy

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We are in a moment where we need to be lifted and comforted and Jennifer Hudson’s voice is one that can do that. Jennifer: Thank you for calming our spirits through your song, “Moan.” Tap the link in my bio to watch my free @appletv special: Oprah Talks COVID-19 - The Deadly Impact on Black America

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Here’s another #homeschoolwithmartha tip! Check out @marthastewart48’s technique for taking out the fuzzy center of artichokes before cooking. Watch the video and get the recipe for her stuffed artichokes over on her instagram! 👆🏼

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Today’s Zoom rehearsal for #TakeMeOut. I miss these boys so much! @2stnyc

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COVID-19 updates for Tuesday, April 14th.

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Common post on Instagram
I’ll be joining @glblctzn and people from all around the world in the fight against #COVID19. Tune in on April 18 for stories from frontline workers, performances, and commitments to @WHO’s Solidarity Response Fund. Find out how you can watch: http://glblctzn.me/OneWorldTAH

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As COVID-19 continues to shake up the world, it has had a more deadly impact on the African American community here in the US. So I’ve gathered leaders, journalists like @vanjones68, and families who are facing this crisis head on to discuss this. Tap the link in my bio to stream the free conversation now on @appletv and watch it tonight at 11 PM EST on @owntv.

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Let your pups join in on the self care at home too! 🐾 @charlestonweekender pampered her pup Maddie with @marthastewart48’s natural dog shampoo and conditioner. You can shop all of Martha’s grooming products online at @chewy at the link in bio. 👆🏼 📷: @kimgrahamphoto

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What’s up everybody, I’ve accepted the #ALLINCHALLENGE. Go to allinchallenge.com/tony-hawk to participate in the auction & bid on a private skate lesson with me for you and a friend to help feed the hungry during this difficult time. And I hereby nominate @alfredyankovic to be next in line for an ALL IN challenge.

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We’re all juggling a lot these days, whether you’re a mom or not! My new book, #YouandIAsMothers, not only has a ton of personal stories, but also tips, tricks & recipes that can help anyone better handle the juggle of daily life. Get your copy in print or as an e-book at the link in my bio!

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I’m very serious about staying sane and fit so here I’m am working out. #exercise