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#tbt to me giving my moms vagina a high 5. (She was pregnant. I thought her uterus was in there) In response to my post a couple days ago. What I said and what I stand by is that we don’t want to hear jokes that victimize women “right now”. I said “right now” because that’s what I meant. There are different moments in culture where we, the public, aren’t in the mood for certain jokes. People have become more aware of how little equality there is for women, people of color and other otherized people and because of that lack of power, targets for sexual assault. We don’t want to hear racist jokes right now either. When myself and the cast of snatched made our Beyoncé Lemonade tribute the culture didn’t want to see that shit and they were right. Anyone making jokes at the expense of victims of sexual assault, inequality or racism comes across as an outdated asshole right now. That’s the truth. I have told jokes about sexual assault and racism in my past and at the time I wasn’t aware of how harmful it was and how truly bad things were. I’m grateful to be awake now and it’s time for you to be as well. Thoughts?

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😂😂 @theshiggyshow is definitely me tag whoever yo @fatboy_sse was

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No. Mcchill😁✨

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Snoop Dog  post on Instagram

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Snoop Dog post on Instagram

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Embarrassing. #tbt ❤️ @theellenshow

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#tbt to recording the delightful @america2.0podcast, which is out NOW on all major podcasting platforms! @HalfAdams plays Seth, a presidential candidate who wants to give every citizen a million dollars, and I’m Olivia Huff, his “Girl Friday” :) Our second episode releases tomorrow, so get on board today — and let me know your thoughts!! . #voteforseth #rebootingamerica #newpodcast #serialpodcasts @applepodcasts #podcast

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Straight from the train, in the rain: @rileyhawk 🇯🇵 @lakailtd

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Shout out to women who compliment and uplift rather than complain and tear down!! You a baddie!!!

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Giving Italian Drama while Sharing My Beauty Secrets.....🔥🔥🔥 @stevenkleinstudio #mdnaskin #chromeclaymask. #holywater 🙏🏼. #diva

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Shorty cold with it! Don’t let people box you in. @aronthebassist

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Miss ya pimp c.

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#tbt When I only owned two dresses - one pink and one black. I met @willsmith on the night of the pink one! LOL

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Here at goop we work hard to create products that are of incredibly high quality, that are different, and that will bring something special to your life. Our bath soaks combine specific salts, minerals, botanical extracts and essential oils to make your bath healing and luxurious. I switch between all five, but probably use G. Nite most regularly, which eases my stress and deeply relaxes me after a long day. I really swear by them. Thank you @allure for loving them too. We are so grateful and proud to carry your seal on some of our products.

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7th grade. This was my go to lipstick. It’s gotta make a comeback

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Oh hell yes @__nitch

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Just a little tune from me to you. Maybe this can become a regular musical interlude. (Btw for those of you who watch my stories, this isn’t the only thing I can play!) 😊❤️PS If you all like this song (I Will by the Beatles) the Alison Krauss version is fantastic...one of my all time favorites! I think there’s a dobro in it...listen and see if I’m right! 🎼

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Some personal news! Link in my Instagram stories.

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So here for this 😍😍😍 Love this little bundle of joy and light 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #Repost @edward_enninful ・・・ In the October issue of @britishvogue, on newsstands now, @oliviajsinger sits down with @yarashahidi, the 18-year-old actor, endorsed by @michelleobama, praised by @oprah and heading to Harvard. Photographed by @scotttrindle and styled by @carolinenewell. Read the full interview on vogue.co.uk now.

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Last night's episode of @fallontonight was EPIC....sending one more B Day Shoutout to my brother @jimmyfallon & sending a major thank you everyone involved at Fallon. U guys were amazing as usual!!! #NightSchool #HittingTheatersSept28th

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🖤🖤 @FENDI 🖤🖤 THANK YOU, all my love every time!!!! @karllagerfeld @alessiapellarini @chaos @silviaventurinifendi @pg_dmcasting @samuel_ellis @sammcknight1 @amandaharlech @peterphilipsmakeup Incredible team as always, such an honor ! 🖤💎🖤

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This actually made me laugh and spit coffee this morning! #reallaugteristhebest

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Gorgeous today in the @fendi show! @kendalljenner @karllagerfeld #love #proudmama #milanfashionweek2018 #milan #fendiss19 Photos: @fashiontomax

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Hit the comedy club late last night and ran into these too.... #AboutLastNight #AlwaysWorking #DopePic

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Good morning kids

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How I ended up being lucky enough to share in this captured moment, I’ll never know. I only wish I could have been in a different place in my life where I honored the opportunity to ask all the philosophical questions I needed answered from these two greats, instead of feeling crippled by shyness and unworthiness.✨ Life is magical and I’m full of gratitude, but we have to work to fully embrace it. I’ve always sort of been “one foot in, one foot out” in asserting myself. I never felt good enough, pretty much my whole life. But what I’ve learned is to truly work harder to capture the moment and connect with the energies present around me. We really only have the now. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #TBT #Legends #Moments #SpaceAndTime

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I put up a timelapse video the other day of myself doing my make up and got so many requests from you guys to slow it down and talk you through how I do it...so I did a video just for you! (LINK IS IN MY BIO) 😘

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ALEX PERRY FALL WINTER 18 ❤️ STARRING @frankiebon.scotney ❤️ IN STORES NOW!!!! @alexperryofficial @evh.agency #alexperry #alexperryofficial

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Playing some more dates in the UK & Europe next year, tickets on sale next Thursday 27th Sept. Check edsheeran.com for info x

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Exciting meetings today! Such a great day. 😊😘 @thestarsydney @jbronze__ @marina_didovich @lilliankhallouf @petaloveridge @sesiontequila

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Last night, I watched @hadaskleinman sing from her soul. As woman who grew up in a multi-faith family, I often find identity in the spiritual rather than the specific. Last night I was reminded about the purpose of community. Whether religious, atheist, academic, or geographical. Groups who share the energy of the heart heal together. My brother @wakingupwithryan lead us in a prayer. • His words: “Rosh Hashanah is the lunar New Year, & it’s taught that on Rosh Hashanah the gates of heaven open & begin the 10 days of awe. The 10 days when access to a divine plain becomes even more realized. And so, these last ten days may have felt amazing & they may have felt really rocky. Know that the rockiness IS that access to the divine that’s wanting to clear energy for each of us to be actualized. To be living the DNA that’s been with us always. To clear the stuff that’s getting in the way. So if we can take a breath & breathe all that in - that divinity that’s in us - & on the exhale let go of all the resistance? This time is when we talk with God, with the Universe, & we talk with our community & we talk with ourselves & we ask for forgiveness. We recognize that in our humanity we’ve made mistakes & that we release the guilt & judgement that we hold? That we may step into the new year free. I invite you to reflect on the last year & bring to mind beautiful times. The successes. The love. The intimacy. And also bring to mind the difficulties. The health issues of ourselves or our loved ones. The deaths. The upsets. The things that didn’t go our way. What if we can see all those things, now, as whatever our soul has needed to walk the path to finding ourselves? Maybe now we can find some gratitude. However challenging it may be, for the things that happened that hurt us. The things that were said or done that hurt us. Causing them to come to more attention. To our needs. To the people that we seek to become. What if we can release those judgments & those thoughts? Those stori

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Almond cake!!! I finally made almond cake. Posting twice cause it’s so nice 😊

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Missing NYC 🍎

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What is it like to make an independent film? It’s normal, why do you ask? This is moment captures @colormyfacepro sticking fake leeches to my butt for #TheSunlitNight. When i say @rebeccadinerstein wrote a beautiful film, i mean it. Not sure why I’m brushing my teeth. That’s a Hollywood mystery!

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Hello my name is Jenny and this is a picture of me being my essential me and also this was my favorite outfit ever

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No Thank You. #nowthatsludicrous

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Hey guys! Join me for a @Spotify Listening Party Q&A tomorrow Thursday, September 20th at 4p PT. We’ll listen to each song on the album together! Get your questions ready and click the link to join the fun! https://umusic.digital/thmytz

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Thanks for launching the #ShowUsYourRoom initiative @amidoko. This is our writers crew at #FourWeddingsAndAFuneral. Love this group of humans....All different and unique...and yet, we all still pretty much fit on one golf cart. #RepresentationMatters. Now other writers rooms #ShowUsYourRoom!

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Support this queen @vickibarbolak and vote for her tonight on #AGT! When i started comedy, there weren’t many women around in the clubs, but Vicki always showed me so much love and support. It was so inspiring to watch her destroy every night on stage, and be so warm and generous offstage. I love you Vicki. I aspire to be as authentic as you. She’s is a @thecomedystore 🏆

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Had such a great time with @savannahguthrie , co-author of Princesses Wear Pants and Princesses Save the World! Love this woman so much and I’m so excited about our collaboration. Women working together can accomplish great things! Link in my bio to our @todayshow interview. #GirlsHelpingGirls ❤️ #princesseswearpants #princessessavetheworld

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👼🏼Three months of Ariel👼🏼

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Can Someone please tell me what in the entire fuck is going on here? 🤣🤣🤣 #nowthatsludicrous

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Tonight is the finale of @thesinnerusa and here’s what we have to say about that.... #TheSinner

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This apple-cinnamon bundt cake will fill your home with the scent of fall. 🍎🍂 Get the recipe in the link in bio!

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There are no words. Thank you @nationalparkservice @sequoiakingsnps #sequoianationalpark

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America’s Got Tyra! #agtsTYle - That Dress: @labourjoisie @stylepr That Ring: @ivanbittonstylehouse That Face: @valentefrazierartistry That Hair: @misscopeland310 That Style: @jstylela 📷: @geewonder

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Missing ripping this beast through the Washington mountains. What a killer couple days riding the @indianmotorcycle 2019 Cheiftain. Can’t wait to get mine on Friday!!!!!!!!!

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Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to miss @fallontonight .....The funniest thing that I have ever been apart of 😂😂😂😂 #FallonTonight #NightSchool #hittingtheaterssept28th