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Happy 98th Birthday to the one and only Betty White! #XCVIII 🎂

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Thank you @womensweeklymag for inviting me to talk about two of my passions. My beautiful daughter Talia & my work with @worldvisionaus And thank you @alanalandsberryphoto @sydney.makeup.artist @bradmullinshair @offtherac @carlkapp @forevernew_official @tiffdunk

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Autumn Reeser post on Instagram
#TBT to a @thrillingadv shoot... and flash forward to this weekend, when our whole troupe will be performing at @sf_sketchfest!! Click their bio for tickets to come see me and the gang do spooky voices, sing and serve up some excellent schmacting. Probably. ALSO, because our venue is AMAZING, I will be doing such things as hosting a karaoke night, reading tarot, and playing poker — none of which are my strong suits and should therefore be thoroughly entertaining!!! 💖🤩💖I can’t freakin wait!!! #playtime #entertainment #allthebestpeople #comeseeus #SanFrancisco #thrillingadventure @busyphilipps @pagetpagetgram @annie_savage @thejvclub @ardenmyrin @jeanniegrigio @carlacackowski @ccackowski @hallublin @johnrossbowie @joshmalinasjoshmalina @markgags @marcevanjackson @pftompkins @bnacker @bablacker @jondinerstein @rhettmiller @therealadamsavage

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Ian Somerhalder post on Instagram
What an inspiring photo shoot with @menshealthmag . It was freezing and I ran from airport to this shoot but man it was SO WORTH it. Wow, seeing recycling in NYC at this level blew my mind. Seeing sustainable fashion at this level blew my mind. If we had This in every major city in the world the waste problem wouldn’t PIVOT, it would PLUMMET. Thank you @menshealthmag for showing us the way I hope to do this again soon!!!!! @menshealthmag Grooming: @losigrooming Photographer: @aekholloway Writer: @evanromano Fashion Director: @tedstaffordstyle

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Bruno Mars post on Instagram
The world could use a little love right about now and who better to bring it to you than one of the greatest of all time. Uncle @imcharliewilson. I had the Honor to produce and sing a little background for him with my Bro’s @stereotypestv and @dmile85. Go head and download/request/Stream #ForeverValentine TONIGHT, and while you at it dedicate this record to the one you love!! #TisTheSeasonForCuffin ❤️❤️❤️ #CharlieWilson 🐐 LETS GOOOOO!!! Love you unc! Proud of this one. Go get em!

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Rio, sis!

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Rubbing shoulders with funny people. Had a blast shooting an episode of this show. Catch the premiere of @norafromqueens on Jan. 22 on @comedycentral 📸: @frazerkh Repost: @shumdarionews

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Did it again @bangbangnyc 🦋 rare

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With rumours Love Island may not be returning, it could be the perfect opportunity for Hamish to relaunch the surprise dating show he sprung on Andy back in 2011.

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Joel Madden post on Instagram

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Had a blast with @therealjencohen on her podcast chatting all things @pairofthieves, daily routines, fitness (or my lack thereof) and more.

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Ian Somerhalder post on Instagram
Please share this in Brazil! I miss you and thank you for all of the love and support but this event is NOT TRUE!

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Miss Americana 🎬 January 31 on @netflixfilm

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18 FEB 2020.

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Random fact of the day. My dad was regular foot but he was blind in his left eye so he never went backhand on lefts, he would switch stance so he could see the wall. Anyway...goin’ left.

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Happy Happy Birthday @edibow ! Oldies but goodies ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Yours truly. In Frog form. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is out now on Netflix! #kipoandtheageofwonderbeasts @netflix @dreamworks

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Ryan Reynolds post on Instagram
6 Underground has been on Netflix for a month now. I know this because they let me wear a fancy watch from Chopard. Also, this isn’t a photo. It’s a video. I’d love to blink at some point. @chopard #ChopardLUC #ad #6Underground

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From 8 years old to 30. @zeeironlion has always been such a magnetic, talented, joyful gift to the world. Happy Birthday to my amazing husband - may our thirties be even more spectacular than the last 22 years ✨💋

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Ian Harding post on Instagram
This is the kind of professionalism and dedication that made Ford vs Ferrari what it is: a BEST PICTURE NOMINEE. In all seriousness, congrats to everyone who made this film into something special. I was lucky enough to witness first hand the kind of tireless hard work that goes into making a movie of this caliber, and I am forever grateful for the experience. Also, @williamson_joe, you’re the bee’s knees.

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Holy Shit!!! 25 years?! . Thank You guys for being with us year after year…for singing along & making every show the best night of our lives. . We’re JUST getting started, so Buckle up, 2020... it’s going to be an INSANE year full of some seriously crazy shit... . #FF25 #FF2020

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Don’t make me leave. I don’t wanna.

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No one can prepare you for the gummy smiles and baby ‘convo’!? #soinlove 💓

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Joel Madden post on Instagram

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Joel Madden post on Instagram
13 years ago ❤️

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I’m slowly converting everyone in California to #Clemson fans! We love you, my #ClemsonTigers!!!!! So proud of you!!!!!! #clemsonfootball #clemsonuniversity #clemson #clemsonalumni #nationalcollegefootballchampionship

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Starting 2020 with my girlgang💖🥰 thanks for the sweet ride @mitsubishiaust X

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Kevin McHale post on Instagram

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Selena Gomez  post on Instagram

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Nancy O Dell post on Instagram
Guess who’s in the house?! @tlawrence16 & @deshaunwatson !! Love my painting #Dabo & Kathleen sent me by amazing artist @thejaredcollection Scroll to see in house & the artist painting this w/ his fingers in a matter of minutes at #dabosladiesclinic In my game room cuz we #clemsontigers got game! Especially today! Thank u for my gift Dabo and Kathleen! #greatquarterbacks #nationalchampionship #nationalchampions #clemsontigers #clemsonuniversity #clemsonvslsu #trevorlawrence #jaredemerson #art #fingerpainting #football #collegefootball #numberone

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Diane Kruger post on Instagram
This one I ♥️ the mostest ♥️🏖

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Michelle Obama post on Instagram
I couldn’t be happier that Julia Reichert, Steven Bognar, and all of the incredible people behind #AmericanFactory have been nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar. What Julia and Steve capture on film is at times painful, at times exhilarating, but always thoughtful and always real—exactly the kind of story Barack and I wanted to lift up with Higher Ground Productions. I hope you’ll see for yourself by checking it out on @Netflix.

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Barack Obama post on Instagram
Oscar nominations came out today and I’m glad to see American Factory’s nod for Best Documentary. I like this film for its nuanced, honest portrayal of the way a changing global economy plays out in real lives. It offers a window into people as they actually are and it’s the kind of story we don’t see often enough. This is exactly what Michelle and I hope to achieve through Higher Ground. Congratulations to the incredible filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar, and the entire team!

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Zendaya post on Instagram

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What a line up of fabulous generous superstars! Tickets are on sale now. @tegdainty

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Selena Gomez post on Instagram
R.A.R.E @iheartradio

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First full moon of the decade 2 days ago.

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Kirsten Zien post on Instagram
Beep beep bitches

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Kevin McHale post on Instagram
We’re gross.

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Chris Pratt post on Instagram
Raising the 12th man flag is a memory I’ll never forget. The electrifying crowd, the energy at century link, the fact that I used Just For Men beard dye on my eyebrows and left it on for a too long and looked like Groucho Marx, all of it. Unforgettable. I have #faith in my #seahawks today! #LETSGO @petecarroll @dangerusswilson @seahawks @bwagz @clowney__90 @dkm14 @tdlockett12 All of you! Best of luck today gentlemen. Let’s #FindAWay @joelmchale @vancityreynolds @garretdillahunt @rainnwilson

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Melissa Doyle post on Instagram
What a heartbreaking & frightening summer its been. In 2009 Major General John Cantwell (Ret.) led the national & state response to the Black Saturday bushfires & later the Vic Bushfire Reconstruction & Recovery Authority. In this article he highlights the many issues - for people, for towns & for governments - that will now confront everyone recovering from this season’s devastating fires. As fires continue to burn and thoughts in the affected areas turn to recovery, there are some timely lessons here: "Black Saturday blueprint to repair shattered communities” https://bit.ly/30d3UKB (link in bio) Photo Credit: @billyfosterphotography www.billyfosterphotography.com

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Had so much fun at the @dolittlemovie premiere this morning 🌸🦒 oh and I play a giraffe. Comes out 1/17!

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#Repost @leonardodicaprio ・・・ #Regram #RG @earthalliance: Earth Alliance, created in 2019 by @LeonardoDiCaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Brian Sheth, has launched the #AustraliaWildfireFund, a $3 million commitment to assist critical firefighting efforts, aid local communities most affected by the wildfires, enable wildlife rescue and recovery, and support the long term restoration of unique ecosystems, with partners @aussieark @bushheritageaus @wireswildliferescue @emersoncollective @global_wildlife_conservation @oxygenseven. Join Earth Alliance in supporting these critical efforts - please see the link in my bio to donate. #AustraliaFires Photos by Brad Fleet, Wolter Peeters/The Sydney Morning Herald

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Kevin McHale post on Instagram
It’s 2020. We only have time for things that make us happy. Therefore @jennaushkowitz and I have fully caved, and are giving you what you truly want for season 2 of @showmancepodcast. GLEE RECAP edition starts next week with our first guest, @leamichele. Go watch the pilot and feel as old as we do, then listen in for all the hot glee goss. K bye. (Avail on @apple podcasts & @podcastone!)

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“Big Girls Don’t Cry” .... now remastered in HD on YouTube 💎💎💋💋 (link in bio) More to come......

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Foo Fighters post on Instagram

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Carson Daly post on Instagram
When I was 15 I saw Neil Peart from Rush perform & his drum solo literally blew my mind. I would immediately beg my parents for a drum set to which they replied, “get a job!” So I did. Delivering the Santa Monica Evening Outlook newspaper. On my schwinn cruiser. Everyday. Eventually I earned enough to buy a used white 5 piece Pearl I found in the recycler magazine (where I had bought my first of many used surf & skateboards) A kid in Beverly Hills who had grown tired of his set (presumably after about a week was selling his..)They were brand new. Borrowed a friends pick up truck & scooped it up. Best day ever! I couldn’t afford any cymbals so for Christmas that year my folks (proud of the work I’d put in) got me a brand new Sabian ride, crash, splash & hi-hat. Set up on our garage I put on my Sony Walkman (really dating myself here..)blasted Tom Sawyer over & over & over again. (With the fat end of the stick hitting the drum just like Neil) While I would never go onto rocking out in a band, Neil Peart’s incredible talent was a big part of my eventual pursuit to be as close to rock & roll music as possible. Which lead me to radio, KROQ- LA, MTV & beyond. I’m thinking of his family, friends & fans tonight as he passed away in my hometown (where I delivered all those newspapers) and where his influence impacted a young music loving teenager. I’m forever grateful. Rest In Peace brother.

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Kelly Slater post on Instagram
@outerknown sale on today with 100% of profits going towards Australian first responders and wildlife efforts via @nswrfs and @wireswildliferescue. Our hearts go out to the ongoing crisis our friends are facing Down Under. #PrayForRain

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Kelly Slater post on Instagram
Thanks @astro_christina, @nasa, and everyone who organized my chat to the International Space Station this morning. I was glad that some of the kids at Sunset Beach School got to watch live as well as tons of friends and family around the globe!😏 working on the Link in my bio (won’t let me change it right now for some reason) if you want to hear the entire interview on YouTube. Or go to NASA.gov/live and find it there.

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Selena Gomez post on Instagram
So my rare video is out! So I’m posting a few pics from that day

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Selena Gomez  post on Instagram
The video for Rare is out now 💖🌈🦋 link in bio

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Autumn Reeser post on Instagram
Waiting for tonight’s full moon / lunar eclipse like... ✨🌙🌝✨