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My other family on the last taping night of #NoGoodNick! If you want to see more of these talented people and these amazing writers work, please watch No Good Nick this week so we can get a season 2. 😬 I miss my peeps! @sienaagudong @seanastin @kalamaepstein @laurendonzis @davidhsteinberg @ekaestle19

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A few of my favourites..☀️🧥🍦✨🥽💫💛

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Frankie Jonas for the win... rocking out during the #happinessbeginstour Love you brother.

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Nick Jonas  post on Instagram
My heart is so full. Thank you Orlando. Every single seat full. Singing every word back to us. We love you.

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Back in the way back @daxshepard @tjjefferson @therealeve

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Khloé post on Instagram

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Khloé post on Instagram

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#FlashBackFriday to last weekend in San Diego California, these pictures were taking while I was recalling the moment I chose me for the first time in a very long time.. we come to moment in our crossroads where you have to be honest with your heart.. and empower the mind to be logical for the sake of your road ahead.. the decision was simple.. appreciate the past, live the moment and visualize what you want your life to be about.. be vulnerable with your heart, be daring with your thoughts, but most importantly.. leap with both feet and do what it takes to get what you deserve. This message is for those of you that are still timid about saying out loud “enough with the cycles and the patterns that pull you back to live your scars over and over again...” liberate your mind from what you know.. and fearlessly embrace what you don’t... I promise you, that you will only grow into what you love and make room for the life you dreamed about.

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Jesse Williams  post on Instagram

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Jesse Williams  post on Instagram
disrupters and organizers of our generation. Thinking about forward progress and forward joy. Learn and teach. Learn and teach.

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Had the best time celebrating our PESCAN Cookbook last night @bashparis in Beverly Hills, LA. ❤️@thefeelgoodkitchen. Thanks to all who came out! @iamdawnmccoy moderated an insightful and fun Q and A. Photo by @justboz2

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Matte Smoke palette with the black and white eye liners. Ombré Lips with new matte formula in 90’s Supermodel. Next Friday Aug 16 Noon PST.

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What is that velvetttt? - @frenchmontana voice

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Watch some bad ass Black women kill shit tonight 🔥So excited to be a part of tonight’s episode of @ABlackLadySketchShow ! #ABLSS @hbo

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😳Damn this got me feeling different

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I can only imagine how upset I was to discover this. #HobbsandShaw @therock #Rebecca

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Kemo might actually be the 🐐 SHEEESH 🤧😳🤯 @lilkemothegoat #chicagofootwork

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Try this creamy artichoke ranch for a savory starter to kick off the party. This lighter iteration of the rich and cheesy party hit is so easy, it's more of an ingenious idea than a recipe. Blend together marinated, Greek yogurt, and fresh parsley, and bring along flatbread crisps or crackers. Grab the full recipe at the link in bio. 📷: @petrinatinslay

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BLOOM FROM DOOM from @hxltmusic OUT NOW... drop a heart in the comments to show some ❤️❤️❤️ Congrats Friend!!

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Ladies & gents the newest member to our @hobbsandshaw team, former Special Forces war veteran, but now known as “AIR MARSHAL DINKLEY” at your service 😂💪🏾👏🏾👏🏾 So gratifying knowing audiences EXPLODE with laughter and joy when @kevinhart4real makes his surprise debut in our film. My goal with Hobbs & Shaw was to create new characters for the audience to have a blast with as well as create new opportunities for other great actors to come in and create, work hard and have the best time doing it. From my brothers @kevinhart4real & @idriselba to @vanessa__kirby to @romanreigns to Cliff Curtis to @elianasua_ to of course the one and the only, Deadpool💀 himself, @vancityreynolds - we had a blast and just wanted to deliver something cool and fun for the audience. And if we become the #1 movie in the world again, then Air Marshall DINKLEY should take all the credit 😂🤙🏾🤦🏽‍♂️ Enjoy the movie this weekend and thanks everyone for your support ~ dj

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Sliding into the weekend like what?! #flashbackfriday

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Back in #napavalley 🍇 last time I was here was 10 years ago when @mumansky18 and I did the 69 mile bike ride to raise money for cancer 🚲 #seasonone #rhobh #melrosewedding

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It’s almost time!! My favorite collection EVER launches tomorrow at 9am pst kyliecosmetics.com 💸 💚@kyliecosmetics #birthdaycollection

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#fbf Mom & Dad play dress-up 💃🏽🕺🏼 @missusa

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Piping hot off the bench 🔥🔥🔥

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All smoke wanted.... calling out all trash players. @steelobrim @michaelbjordan @rickglassman @kobebryant @kyrieirving @kingjames @blakegriffin23 @javalemcgee @iamterrencej @spidadmitchell @iambarondavis @richardajefferson @kyleshevrin @chadwickboseman @ramsesjt @itsjukebox @ctalby y’all all trash and you know it

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Pretty much sums it all up 😍

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Summer vibes ✨

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YES you are worthy of receiving the best! 🙏🏻Happy Sat peeps. Repost @skillofmanifestation

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Coming soon...

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I cant wait to watch old episodes of Martin with @kaaviajames Her laugh is EVERYTHING I need in my life! Cheers to the weekend folks & may we all have more of these belly laughs 🤣😂😅😆 (ps turn your volume all the way up for full effect 🤗)

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This is Friday hair. Flying and free. I got to hang w the best people @tedgibson @wendiandnicole @gitabass and it made me happy. #friday #letsgoweekend

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This bird couldn’t be more adorable 🥰#BlueEyedBeauty #BIRDIEMAE

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Madame ❌ is easily distracted....................#rehearsals #lifeinthetrenches #madamex

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✔️ AMEN!

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Going into the weekend like… @willsmith

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Willow Shields post on Instagram

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#fbf to another gem of a dog-friendly movie I did a few years ago thanks to @sloane_crosley

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“We’re creating an environment that’s inclusive and where everyone is accepted… That’s the world I want to live in.” Check out @kinrgy’s IG story to see some of your responses explaining what this environment means to you!

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I love this makeup thank you @kipzachary for making me look all pretty for my dinner tonight. 🎈

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If your house has run out of fun here at the end of the summer (Mom, I’m bored 😑) here’s an idea: my kids (plus one crafty nanny 🏆) made little construction paper animals and hid them, taped on walls, all over the house. An 🐊 behind the kitchen sink, a sloth hanging below the tv, a 🐑 in the powder room. They were busy and happy for a long time, and finding the animals is 🤩😊😂. PS. There is now a control panel next to my son’s bed that I use to power him down at night. It is ⭐️⭐️⭐️. #ihadnothingtodowithanyofthis #iwasparentingachicken #wehavetohelpeachothergettolaborday❤️😂

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Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to #SuperNature. A chunk of the profit will got to animal charities. #Humanity raised 400 grand. Best fans in the world.

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I’ll be talking @socialworks_chi with my friends at @WEmovement where we’re celebrating future leaders and youth making a change at #WEday! Watch it tonight at 8/7c on @abcnetwork.

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Stealing the spotlight since 2018 ❤️❤️ #TheBaby #LuluGray

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Rihanna post on Instagram

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Summer time with mum ❤️

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It’s almost time for @kyliejenner’s @kyliecosmetics birthday collection launch!!! 9am pst tomorrow on KylieCosmetics.com 💕 #proudmama #kyliecosmetics

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How incredible is this? @DrewBrees is wearing these tonight in the pregame against the Vikings, and next week the Brees Dream Foundation is gonna raffle them off!

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These are dark days in American history. Tourists from abroad are being warned about travel to our country because of the escalation in gun violence. Parents are being jailed with no warning leaving children abandoned. This administration will go down in infamy for all future generations. My own family came here and stayed illegally in the 80’s. My mother was a successful, Russian movie star at the top of her game and my father was a practicing doctor. They gave it all up to exist hand to mouth in America so their child could live in freedom and have opportunities that didn’t exist in Russia. They did it for me to have a better life. I imagine any parent would do the same for their children. These raids are inhumane. This is the very definition of torture. Of cruel and unusual punishment. That this is happening right now, in this day and age is a stain on our country. Follow and support immigrant lead orgs such as @unitedwedream @alotrolado_org @undocublack @conmijente @instabaji @raicestexas @informed_immigrant @fwdus