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I swore I wouldn’t do this to my hair again...but new movie, new hair. Back to blonde and back to work ❤️

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If you’re going to watch one show tonight, it's The Bachelor. Duh. If you’re going to watch two shows, it’s The Bachelor and Late Night with Seth Meyers, which I invaded for the evening. I love Seth even more than I loved eating this popcorn in the green room. @latenightseth @unfortunate

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Goooooood morning. #MoxieSaysHi

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Had such a good time at the @jphro gala last night, raising money for their important work in Haiti and elsewhere. Far less important than that work is what I wore...but it’s @off____white and too cool not to share.

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I haven’t posted on Instagram since May, so my New Years resolution was to post more. Four days in, zero posts, and it’s clearly going GREAT. I’m panicking. So, just to rip off the bandaid, here’s a photo of me right now at an airport restaurant. If you can’t tell from the sunglasses, it’s a *very* glamorous spot. Happy 2019, everybody!

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Just a casual stroll with Dr. Strange. I’ve only seen the first episode (which is the only episode I’m in), but I already know that I am very fortunate to have been part of this show. It was so much fun to shoot, and Benedict’s performance is stunning. Watch tonight to see what I might have looked like as a young woman in the 80s. #shoulderpads

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Hi from the last day of my 20s! I am sorry I’ve been so MIA - I’ve been working hard on @unfortunate and have not been allowed to post anything about it, but I just wanted to send my love and promise that one of my resolutions for this year is to check in with you all more often. #ThisIsAlmost30 ❤️❤️ ps: Moxie says hi

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Smiling through some very @unfortunate news... Look who's joining #ASOUE for Seasons 2 & 3! So happy I can finally tell you guys reason #2 I've been so busy. It's been so much fun these past few months, and I can't wait for you guys to see it. I'll be bugging these two bad-asses for another couple of months of Lemony Snicket-y fun 👁

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Also, I got to wear really pretty dresses that I loved to both the Oscars themselves and the Vanity Fair party afterwards. They both made me feel as special as the events I was attending, and I have @cristinaehrlich to thank for pulling it all together - especially because she had to do so while I was shooting every day out of the country. And a huge shout-out to @peterluxhair and @ninapark for making my face and hair look presentable to the greater public! Always grateful for that...I should start posting before and after pics. They’re magicians. ❤️

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Sooo about last Sunday night (which is already beginning to feel like a dream since I’ve been shooting every day since I left LA)...I am still pinching myself about the entire evening. I’m so proud of @jordanpeele for becoming an Academy Award-winning filmmaker - making his brilliance official to the world in a way that was obvious to all of us long ago. I’m proud of our whole Get Out family for the amazing life this movie has had. I’m sad about our experience together with this movie coming to an end. But I am feeling immense gratitude for being able to be at the Oscars - which was a night I will never forget for as long as I live.

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If you’ll permit me a little sentimentality...I‘ve been thinking a lot lately about this little goofball (who already knew she wanted to be an actress - obvi) and how unbelievably excited she would be if somehow she knew that she would go to the Oscars when she grew up. That her first movie would be nominated for Best Picture. And, most importantly, that she gets to make a living doing the thing that makes her happiest in the world. She dreamed about it all, and now it’s happening. I can’t thank my little girl self enough for continuing to dream big - and for always having a style that I would classify as “permanent dress-up.” ❤️ #Oscars2018

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Quick break from filming for the Independent Spirit Awards. Doing my best imitation of someone who got more than 3 hours of sleep last night. Thank you @piaget for the jewels, @andrewgn for the dress, and @cristinaehrlich for pulling it all together.

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Sorry to post another thing about a dress I already wore, but I finally found some photos that did justice to how fun it was to wear this @ralphandrusso number. Thank you, Billy, for capturing the movement in the moment. 💃🏼 @bfa

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I feel like it’s finally safe to post this photo so I can say: @jordanpeele thank you for giving me the keys. And @danielkaluuya it looks like you didn’t need them after all. I got this script in July 2015. And this has occupied my whole heart and mind ever since. I just cannot express what this feels like...and the pride I feel to have been part of the mighty and fierce Get Out family - which is definitely healthier and less evil than the Armitage family. YES JORDAN. YES DANIEL. YES LOW-BUDGET PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS ABOUT RACE. 🔑❤️🙌🏼

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Oh. My. God. Get Out is officially a Best Picture Oscar nominee. And @jordanpeele is too, for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director, and @danielkaluuya, for Lead Actor. I am cheering for you both and love you to no end...I am so proud to be in a movie that breaks all the rules and does it well. And I’m so grateful that the Academy noticed! What a wild, incredible ride this has been. ❤️🎊❤️ @getoutmovie

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...and then today, we had the SAG Awards. And I got to hang with our @getoutmovie family while channeling my best flapper vibes in one of the most spectacular dresses I’ve ever gotten to wear. What a weekend...and now, back to work! 💪🏼

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It’s been a busy weekend! This was last night at the Producer’s Guild Awards...where I got to wear a bad-ass couture jumpsuit...

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Yay Critics Choice Awards!! Get Out won Best Sci-Fi / Horror Movie, and @jordanpeele won Best Original Screenplay. 👏🏼 And in addition to presenting Best Actress in a TV Comedy, I wore a headband that was actually a necklace and you could kind of see my underwear! Big night for all of us. 💕 @getoutmovie @criticschoice @cristinaehrlich