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Jena Malone Transformation/What a strange miracle you are. Gifting ease, hand in hand with maladies. Awkward, abrupt, abundant. You turn me into truth every time. | |

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We have a special live performance in the next 15 mins we are sharing on insta live. Friends, lovers, animals and all the sweet babes playing with your mamas phones .... join in and let us all try something new together.

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—-INSTALIVE SHOE SHOW ON SATURDAY AT 5pm PST —-Free. Freestyling. Improvisation. Getting away for a moment from the preconceived and getting lost in the unfolding moment of your tongue. I love this holy space so much. Gearing up for some very special shows this weekend ( tickets and info in bio) I’d love to hear from you about stories and words and ideas that you need help articulating into the world. An improvisational writer uses what is around them to create. I’d love to be surrounded by you all. Share! And I’ll pick a few to write a song about. Dm me ❤️❤️❤️

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Yes I try to lead by example but mostly I just follow without expectation. And yes this is my child naked except for a wind breaker at the beach.

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The shape We make To create Their world Photo of my lovely @bethanymccarty mama in crime shot on film Happy mothering day !!!!

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Heaven , maybe, is only seen in the aftermath.

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And so it begins again..... #newalbum #theshoeperforms

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@jsuskin Your new book of poetry “ At The Edge of the Continent “ arrives today. In hands and hearts and screens. In person, with your spontaneous prayer in mouth. Today, at @skylightbooks at 5pm, let’s all sit and listen to the new visions you’ve brought back from that edge. I’m so proud of you. And love your way in this world so very much.j

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Just a bunch of sea dragons. Or how you explain the perfect arch of a lean.

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I’m happiest Rugged And amongst the giant boulders I am a woman of the mountains And I’ve always been Better for the wear Of the wind Against The ancient parts of my skin. /// home , again

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I am trying sweet boy. Sometimes I feel like they should have given you to a monastery or a flock of wild birds or a better cook. Sometimes I feel so unprepared. So uninspired. It’s very easy to not feel good enough for your magical and testing spirit. You, my gorgeous boy, are almost two years old. And this time between us is full of challenges I’ve never known. Full of the purest joy I have ever felt. You make me a better human being, just having experienced being yours. Be patient with mama. I love you so much. Photo by our magical photo goddess @jordanpaynee

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Sooooooo we, the shoe , have been patient with the mystical return of that pulse from above. That mystic muse that grabs you by the panties and won’t let you sleep. She has been calling me closer to create new music. But in a new way. So we are doing some shows in May. All of which will be “ song writing sessions” of a sort. Trying to record a fully live album, pulled straight from that unknown madness that keeps us all woke and hungry. Some in Los angles of course, where my band husband lives. And some on a tiny island in the Puget Sound. All will be telestreamed somehow. So keep watching , listening, staying attune. Send me ideas. I’d love to collaborate across screens. So much love. As big as mountains. #theshoereturns Check out the link in my bio for show info

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Little pieces of heaven. Or rather how you fall in love with your own back yard

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The earth, or so I envision, deeply values obstacles to grow against. Somehow she always finds her way , no matter how strange things have become around her. I’ve always been called to industrial ruin. It’s deep in my Nevada blood I suppose. I realized today that’s it’s not the man made structures that have caught my eye but rather the delicate coil that nature creates despite the ruin. And always she has been my greatest teacher when I’m lost to my true self , my greatest mirror to real beauty and awe and forever and always my adventure partner , leading me deeper off the path and closer to divine. Happy earth day y’all. Thanks @domwolczko for capturing me in my happy place.

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In a field of plenty , you grow with ease ,close to the things that feed you .Growing closer to the ones you love. Allowing what nourishes in and what diminishes to pass through. Find your field and grow there. In bloom and in dormant wait, I’m over the moon I’ve found my place. With you by my side. I love you.

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There’s something so small and simple about sharing genes and blood and trauma and experience with some one. So simple it blows my mind the depths that grow there. Today my sister told me she was proud of me and the person I’ve become. These words were like a holy balm to my soul. Roles reverse. And age is meaningless when you share the same emotional landscape.i love you monk. And the amazing woman you have become.

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When spring is at its best. The earth receives. The sun shines. And you, the glorious human that you are lays in love and gratitude for all that you have and all the love that is given so easily. #momlife #raisinginreverance #iloveyou #andyoutoo

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The story of the shoe in my stories this evening.