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We’re doing dinner early so we can watch the ONE World concert with @LadyGaga & @glblctzn at 8 PM EST across all the major networks. I think wine and music makes meal prep so much better. You agree? #TogetherAtHome

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You know it’s a LOCKDOWN when I (!!!) am coloring Easter eggs. Haven’t done this since the third grade. They didn’t arrive in time for Easter and we didn’t want to wait til next year!

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We are in a moment where we need to be lifted and comforted and Jennifer Hudson’s voice is one that can do that. Jennifer: Thank you for calming our spirits through your song, “Moan.” Tap the link in my bio to watch my free @appletv special: Oprah Talks COVID-19 - The Deadly Impact on Black America

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As COVID-19 continues to shake up the world, it has had a more deadly impact on the African American community here in the US. So I’ve gathered leaders, journalists like @vanjones68, and families who are facing this crisis head on to discuss this. Tap the link in my bio to stream the free conversation now on @appletv and watch it tonight at 11 PM EST on @owntv.

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COVID-19 is having a deadly impact on the African-American community. I’ll be talking with leaders, doctors, journalists, and REAL people suffering through this pandemic. Hope y’all can join me for this important discussion tomorrow April 14 at 11 PM EST on @owntv and streaming for free on @appletv.

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Here’s tonight’s dinner y’all! @jamieoliver helped me make this Singapore-style fried rice and everybody in my house actually liked it! There wasn’t a piece of rice left in the bowl. Watch my IG Live to see us make it and tap the link in my bio for the full recipe. It was delicious 👩🏾‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳

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I’ve heard that nurses are often there when you take your first breath and often there when you take your last. Since there are other COVID-19 hotspots forming in the country, I wanted to talk to nurses who are beginning to experience what it means to be at the frontline of this pandemic. Thank you to Amy Finnegan from Ochsner Medical Center outside of New Orleans and Donnella James from Ascension St. John Hospital in Detroit for taking the time to talk to me. Tap the link in my bio to watch our free Apple TV conversation.

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There are many emerging heroes fighting COVID-19: Doctors, nurses, delivery people, mail carriers, grocery store workers, and many, many more. I wanted to talk to three nurses at the epicenter of this pandemic in New York City. Meet Emily Fawcett from @northwellhealth in Manhattan, Xenia Greene from Montefiore Medical Center in The Bronx, and Idara Inokon from @nypbrooklyn. Idara, your words should become our new mantra. “Take your fear and channel it into courage.” Thank you from my soul to your souls for your bravery 🙏🏽 Tap the link in my bio to watch our free Apple TV conversation.

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There’s no better time to read than when you’re safer at home! My next book club selection is “Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family” by @bobkolker. It’s a riveting true story of an American family that reads like a medical detective journey. It reveals the shame, denial, shock, confusion, and misunderstanding of mental illness at a time when no one was really sure what schizophrenia was or how to treat it. Tap the link in my bio to download a copy and follow @oprahsbookclub to join the conversation. We’ll start discussing soon! #ReadWithUs

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My hat , my shirt, my sweats off to all the moms and dads out there cooking round the clock meals. God Bless y’all! And thank you @jamieoliver

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@chefjoseandres and Claire Babineaux-Fontenot have teamed up with @leonardodicaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs and @Apple to launch America’s Food Fund to help feed local communities. I was struck by the work these organizations are doing and while everyone’s priority right now is to stay safer at home, I know there are many of us looking for ways to help. I believe that America’s Food Fund will be a powerful way to make a difference for our neighbors in need and am committing $1 million to this fund to support those facing food insecurity. I am donating $10 million overall to help Americans during this pandemic in cities across the country and in areas where I grew up. For more on this Fund and how everyone can be of service, tap the link in my bio to watch this free AppleTV+ conversation.

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I remember the first time @aliciakeys was on The Oprah Show and she hit that note in “Fallin” and I knew right then and there she was special. She just carries the Light with her and I have deep admiration and love for her. In her new book #MoreMyself, she reveals the struggles, the insecurities, and the joys to becoming more herself. It’s the first book I’m releasing from my book imprint and all of my proceeds are going to the Boys and Girls Club of Kosciusko, Mississippi. Tap the link in Alicia’s bio to get yourself a copy!

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My latest Oprah’s Book Club episode on #AmericanDirt by @jeaninecummins is available now on @appletv. May the conversation continue. Link in bio to watch. #ReadWithUs

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If you read my latest @oprahsbookclub pick #AmericanDirt by @jeaninecummins, there is no doubt you heard about the controversy around it. We address it head on. Stream it tomorrow 3/6 on @appletv. #ReadWithUs

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What an aha-moment. Turning 50 doesn’t mean it’s game over for you—it’s just the halftime! And y’all saw that Super Bowl halftime show @jlo just put on 💃🏾 Watch my entire conversation with Jennifer now on @ww.now’s IGTV #Oprahs2020VisionTour

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Sunday Reading and icing. Thank you all for your kind wishes. Yes I slipped on stage and I’m now a meme. But so grateful to be only a little sore. Turning the day into what @michelleobama calls #selfcareSunday

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Thank you to the astoundingly age-defiant Jennifer Lopez who came to the show in this yellow stunner and gave new meaning to the word 50. LA: You were lit! In spite of my fall (which now becomes a meme), you brought me UP with your energy. Now I’m headed home to ice my knee and ankle 🥴 @ww.now

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San Francisco was in for a treat with the always optimistic @katehudson! She’s a mom of three, an impressive business woman, a @ww ambassador, and lights up any room she walks into—and now YOU can watch the entire interview on @ww.now’s IGTV.

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Nice way to end a great day! Thank you @katehudson for bringing your joy (and @kingstvodka) to the Bay Area. And San Francisco, your vibe was 🔥! @ww.now

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Sista @traceeellisross came to PREACH in Dallas. Tracee showed us what a successful, confident, single woman looks like living a robust and abundant life in 2020. Watch the entire interview on @ww.now’s IGTV. #Oprahs2020VisionTour

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Tracee revealed that her original dream was to be on a stage in a sparkling dress singing, but she tucked away that dream in fear. Now at 47, she’s finally giving that little girl a shot by playing a singer in a new movie—and she gave the Dallas audience the FIRST sneak peek! It was such a beautiful life moment. Thank you Tracee for being naturally authentic and teaching all of us to be whatever is YOU. Dallas, this wasn’t your first rodeo! @ww.now

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Dallas, I’m here with the WW 2020 Vision Tour and I’ll be bringing sista Tracee tomorrow Saturday 2/15! I’m here with @nicolemangrumhair prepping with @patternbeauty, so all you have to do is bring your girlfriends because it’s gonna be a party 💃🏾🕺🏾 @ww.now

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People are coming to #Oprahs2020VisionTour with their moms, their sisters, their Gayles, their partners, some even force their husbands to come, and others gift the tickets to themselves. This past weekend @jacobdanielarce surprised his mom @cbm_healthy_living with tickets, so I had to bring them on stage for a hug! Whoever you come with, I just hope you walk out with a clearer vision for yourself. Dallas, see you this weekend! Link in bio for tickets 🎫 @ww.now

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My conversation with @michelleobama showed me it is an extraordinary time to be a strong, confident, assured, and above all else, well woman. Thank you for filling us up. Watch the entire interview on @ww.now’s IGTV.

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First Lady @michelleobama was as vibrant, as funny, as truth-telling, as you imagine her to be. Thank you for giving up your Saturday to be with me in Brooklyn. NYC: There is no place like you. @ww.now #Oprahs2020VisionTour

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Yes, @therock and I are running together…for wellness! Now we need to know who’s your running mate! Tag your wellness partner in a photo with the hashtag #RunningMates to join the Campaign for Wellness and visit WW.com/Oprah for details + a special offer. It's #WellnessThatWorks! PS: Dwayne, I’d be your vice any day 🇺🇸🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️💨💨💨💨@athleticonatl @ww.now #OWandWW

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WINFREY JOHNSON 02.02.20. Tune in to the pre-game kick off! 🏈 @WW @athleticonatl @TheRock #Oprahs2020VisionTour

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Hope it’s a beautiful day wherever you are ☀️☀️☀️ @stedmangraham

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What I know for sure is that when someone close to you passes, you now have an angel you can call by name. And now @therock and his father have a new relationship. Dwayne, thank you for being so at ease with yourself and being present during our conversation. Stream the entire interview on @ww.now’s IGTV.

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I was feeling less than 💯 today. Bad Cold. I prayed. Meditated. Took every combination of lemon, ginger, honey, turmeric garlic, oregano oil known to womankind and then realized if @therock could still make it after burying his father this week, I was gonna be more than fine. You made it so, Atlanta. Thank you for feeding me with your energy. Thank you Dwayne Johnson for showing up and being fully present, open vulnerable, kind, and bringing me @teremana your BRAND new tequila. Here’s to clearer vision in 2020! ❤️🥃 @ww.now

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For this month’s “The O.G. Chronicles,” @oprahmagazine quizzed us on how well we know the current slang words used by millennials. @gayleking knew most of them but it’s okay because you can’t slang shame me. All I know is that JOMO is my new favorite term! Head to OprahMag.com or tap the link in bio for the full video 😂

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How many stories did you grow up watching that were centered around a black boy’s experience? There are so few. That’s why when @octarell_again pitched @davidmakesman to me, I had to listen—and it was the best pitch I ever heard. The series stars the amazing @akilimcdowell as David, a young boy in Florida trying to make it out of his poor neighborhood. Watch the premiere Wednesday, August 14 at 10|9c on @owntv and get ready for some black boy joy. #DavidMakesMan

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These 11 words taught me one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned: When your child enters the room, does your face light up? Thank you for that gift, Toni. The Toni Morrison conversation that changed my life will re-air tonight at 8 PM on @owntv. Timeless.

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I can’t tell you how many times people have introduced me to their best friends as, “She’s my Gayle.” The reason our friendship has worked for over 40 years, without arguments or fallouts, is that we’ve always been happy with our own lives. A true friend can’t be jealous of you, or want to take advantage of you in any way. Ever since we met in 1976, we’ve been doing the same thing. Listening. Talking. Laughing (a lot). Building dreams. Cheering. Being a shoulder to cry on. Speaking the truth. Being the truth. And now? Posing for our FIRST @oprahmagazine cover for September’s friendship issue. Link in bio for more. 📸: @ruvenafanador

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In the beginning was the Word. Toni Morrison took the word and turned it into a Song…of Solomon, of Sula, Beloved, Mercy, Paradise Love, and more. She was our conscience. Our seer. Our truth-teller. She was a magician with language, who understood the Power of words. She used them to roil us, to wake us, to educate us and help us grapple with our deepest wounds and try to comprehend them. It is exhilarating and life-enhancing every time I read and share her work. This pic was her first appearance on the Oprah Show. She was Empress-Supreme among writers. Long may her WORDS reign!

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Yes I have a chef but he doesn't work every day, so when I’m in the kitchen I like to get in and OUT. Here’s my quick fix: my new @othatsgood frozen skillets. It takes less than 10 minutes to make and dinner’s ready! Head over to the link in my bio or othatsgood.com to find a store near you #OThatsGoodPartner

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Final dinner for the Oyelowo’s. Do you still pray before every meal? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Link in bio for more #SaturdaysWithOprah

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Isn’t this a beautiful sight? Since @queensugarown premiered in 2016, we’ve hired 35 female directors! And for 32 of those directors, it was their FIRST time directing a TV show. So proud of the work we’re doing over at @owntv. Thank you @ava for leading the charge!

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