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Michelle Obama Girl from the South Side and former First Lady. Wife, mother, dog lover. Always hugger-in-chief. | becomingmichelleobama.com/ |

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With only 15 days left until Election Day, it's time to get ready to vote! Early voting has already started in states across the country, which means many of you can make your voice heard right now. Whether you vote early, vote by mail, vote absentee, or vote at the polls, I’m counting on you to make your voice heard in these critical midterm elections. This is your chance to have an impact on your community, your state, and your country. Find out everything you need to know at whenweallvote.org. #VoteEarly

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The first copies of my book have arrived! It’s a little surreal to hold the finished product in my hands. November 13th is almost here—pre-order your copy today at the link in my bio. #IAmBecoming

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Right now, more than 98 million adolescent girls around the world are not in school. I see myself in these girls. I see my daughters in these girls. I know a lot of you see yourselves and your families in them, too. That’s why today on the International #DayoftheGirl, the @ObamaFoundation is launching the @GlobalGirlsAlliance—a program to empower adolescent girls around the world through education. We believe that change happens from the ground up, so we’re working to support grassroots leaders and to spur action from people like you, all around the world. We can accomplish more together than we can on our own, so I hope you’ll join our alliance—because the future of our world is only as bright as our girls. #GlobalGirlsAlliance

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#WhenWeAllVote, we get a little respect. So I hope you’ll go to WhenWeAllVote.org or text WeAllVote to 97779 to register right now. Then help your friends do the same.

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Thanks to every single one of you — from Wyoming to Arizona to Tennessee — who joined the @WhenWeAllVote Week of Action, getting our families, friends, and neighbors registered and ready to vote on November 6th. I believe we need to help every single American feel like voting is a part of who they are, in this election and every election. It should feel like we’re speaking up for ourselves and our families and what we believe in. In these last few weeks before Election Day, let’s all get out there and make sure that everyone we know is voting on behalf of something that feels important to them —a candidate, an issue, a cause. Send them towhenweallvote.org or text WEALLVOTE to 97779 to get started. That’s how we can all do our part. Let’s get to work!

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There's a lot at stake this November. This election is our chance to hold our leaders accountable on everything from our kids' education to the safety of our communities. If we stay home, critical issues that affect all of us will be ignored. But When We All Vote, we have the chance to elect those who share our values and listen to our voices. On National Voter Registration Day, register to vote, make sure your family and friends register too, and get to the polls on Nov. 6. Text WeAllVote to 97779 or head to whenweallvote.org to get started.

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Thank you, Las Vegas! It was so much fun to be with you to help kick off @WhenWeAllVote’s Week of Action. Now let’s get working to help everyone we know get registered and ready to vote. I know that there are a lot of folks who think that voting isn’t relevant to their lives. Or they think that it won’t make a difference. Or they think the whole system is rigged. A lot of folks are just trying to get their kids to day care, and get things done at work, and get enough sleep every night. Trust me, I get it. I get being busy, and I definitely get feeling frustrated. But I also know that those frustrations will only get worse if we don’t do something to make it better—and our best chance to do that is by voting and electing leaders who will listen to us, leaders who will take on the issues we care about. 
If we’re going to make sure all of our voices are heard this November, we’ve got to make sure everyone is registered to vote. You can register to vote right now—just text WeAllVote to 97779 or visit WhenWeAllVote.org to get started, and make sure all your friends and family do the same. That’s how we’ll show ourselves and each other that our votes do matter, not just in the election this fall, but in every election.

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Truly humbled by the response to my upcoming book tour. I can’t wait to share BECOMING with all of you & hope to see you somewhere along the way!

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When I was younger, thinking about going to college sometimes gave me a pit in my stomach. I came from a working-class family on the South Side of Chicago. I was young, black, and female. Of course I doubted myself. But I never let those fears get the best of me, in large part because I learned to ask for help when I needed it. I found friends and mentors who helped me realize I belonged. And if I failed—which I did, a lot—I learned to pick myself up and keep going. That’s how I ended up with the education I needed to go on to become a lawyer, a nonprofit leader, a hospital executive, and First Lady of the United States. No matter what kind of life you want to build for yourself, you’ve already got the raw materials inside. But to make your dreams a reality, you’ve also got to continue your education after high school, whether that’s at a community college, a university, or a career & technical program. College is worth it. YOU are worth it. Never, ever doubt that for a second. #BetterMakeRoom @BetterMakeRoom @ReachHigher2020

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JOIN ME ON MY BOOK TOUR! www.becomingmichelleobama.com #IAmBecoming I’m from the South Side of Chicago. I went to Princeton and Harvard. I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister. I’ve been a lawyer, a nonprofit leader, a hospital executive, and First Lady of the United States. I like to call these my “stats” – the shorthand we all seem to default to whenever we tell our stories. Where are you from? What do you do? What school did you go to? As I’ve written my memoir, BECOMING, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my story, mining it for the kinds of details I’d usually just brush off or even forget about—the narrow taillights of my father’s car, a talk with my mother on a drive home, the heat of my daughter’s forehead when she ran a fever. And in doing so, I’ve realized that those surface-level “stats” don’t really tell my story at all. This fall, I’d like to share that fuller story with all of you on my book tour. It’s the story of my humdrum plainness, my tiny victories, my lasting bruises, my ordinary hopes and worries. It’s the story of who I am, truly, and I’m proud of it—blemishes and all. Go to BecomingMichelleObama.com to find out where I’ll be and how to get tickets. #IAmBecoming I hope to see you somewhere along the way!

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Women of color know how to get things done for our families, our communities, and our country. When we use our voices, people listen. When we lead, people follow. And when we do it together, there’s no telling what we can accomplish. Join me and make sure that our sisters, our children, our congregations, and our neighbors are registered to vote. Register to vote and join us for the @WhenWeAllVote Week of Action: weall.vote/weekofaction

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I learned the importance of voting from my father.  He had multiple sclerosis, and it was a struggle for him just to get out of bed and get dressed in the morning.  But on election day, no matter how sick he felt or how much pain he was in, he got himself to a polling place and cast his vote. 
For him, voting was a sacred responsibility because he knew it was the only way to make his voice heard and ensure his values were represented in the halls of power.  And that is especially true today in this upcoming election -- and every election.  So I hope you'll join me and the rest of the @WhenWeAllVote team during our Week of Action this September to get folks across this country fired up to vote this November. RSVP to an event near you or sign up to host your own: whenweallvote.org/events

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Watching Aretha Franklin perform at the White House, and on so many other occasions, made time stand still. @BarackObama and I are holding Aretha’s family in our hearts right now. She will forever be our Queen of Soul.

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The Voting Rights Act makes our democracy stronger, giving every American, from all walks of life, the right to vote. I think of all the folks who organized, who marched, who showed up to the polls knowing they could be intimidated, beaten, or turned away. They stood up time and again for their right to vote. I want us all to continue their legacy and ensure every eligible American casts their vote. That’s why I’m hitting the road with the rest of the @WhenWeAllVote team for the Week of Action this September. I’m counting on you to be a part of it. I need all of you out there to help get folks registered, fired up, and ready to spread the word. RSVP or sign up to host your own event in your community: whenweallvote.org/events

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Happy birthday @BarackObama! The view is always better with you.

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Last week, a few of the #ObamaLeaders sat down with a powerful advocate for youth in Africa, my friend, @charlizeafrica with @ctaop. These women are showing up, speaking out, and working hard to ensure that every young woman in Africa can get the education she deserves. I am awed by these young leaders — and I know you will be too. Visit @ObamaFoundation to learn more about #ObamaLeaders and their work to change the world.

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I remember going to the polls with my father every single election. It didn’t matter whether it was raining, snowing, or if he was tired — he always showed up to the polls to cast his ballot. He taught me to never take my right to vote for granted, because he knew that it's the most powerful tool we have to shape the future of our communities and our country. That’s why I make sure to vote in every election, from school board to Senate. And I’m excited to team up with @WhenWeAllVote to encourage all eligible voters to make their voices heard in this election. And I hope you'll join us. Follow @WhenWeAllVote and get registered right now at WhenWeAllVote.org.

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Nelson Mandela’s story reminds us that even in the darkest of times, change is always possible— but only if we're willing to work for it and fight for it. On the 100th anniversary of Madiba’s birth, let us honor his memory by recommitting ourselves to the work of his life.

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Looking forward to my chat with Dr. Carla Hayden at the American Librarian Association opening session. We’ll be discussing my upcoming memoir, BECOMING – the manuscript is almost done! #BECOMING #ALAAC18

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My father, Fraser Robinson, taught me to work hard, laugh often, and keep my word. Every day, I see @barackobama instilling those same values in our girls. #HappyFathersDay to dads everywhere who shape who we are - and who will always live on in our hearts.

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To the first-gen students I met today and those across the country, I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of you. I know it wasn’t easy to get to this point, and I know you might be nervous about starting your college journey. But as a first-gen college student myself, I can promise that your education will open doors you never could have imagined. During my time at Princeton, I met so many amazing people, was exposed to all kinds of new ideas and experiences, and learned a lot about who I am and what I wanted to do in the world. So when you face challenges or obstacles, don’t get discouraged — ask for help. Experiencing failure and learning from it is an important part of the college experience, and there are so many people in your corner who are rooting for you and want to see you succeed. I’m one of them! I believe in you, and I cannot wait to see what you will achieve. #BetterMakeRoom

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I’m thrilled to share with all of you the cover for BECOMING. The process of writing this book has been so personally meaningful and illuminating for me. As I prepare to share BECOMING this fall, I hope you’ll also think about your own story, and trust that it will help you become whoever you aspire to be. Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own. #BECOMING

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Home has always been where our family is...It hasn’t mattered whether we’re lounging on a couch in Chicago’s Hyde Park or, as we are here, in the White House. We did our best to make the White House a comfortable place where our girls could climb trees and host slumber parties, where we’d have dinner together as a family, and where we tried to live by the values our parents instilled in us.

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You can’t tell it from this photo, but Barack woke up on our wedding day in October, 1992 with a nasty head cold. Somehow, by the time I met him at the altar, it had miraculously disappeared and we ended up dancing almost all night. Twenty five years later, we’re still having fun, while also doing the hard work to build our partnership and support each other as individuals. I can’t imagine going on this wild ride with anybody else.

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This is me at Princeton in the early 1980s. I know that being a first-generation college student can be scary, because it was scary for me. I was black and from a working-class neighborhood in Chicago, while Princeton’s student body was generally white and well-to-do. I’d never stood out in a crowd or a classroom because of the color of my skin before. But I found close friends and a mentor who gave me the confidence to be myself. Going to college is hard work, but every day I meet people whose lives have been profoundly changed by education, just as mine was. My advice to students is to be brave and stay with it. Congratulations to the Class of 2018! #ReachHigher

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Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some photos and memories from my book, BECOMING. My father, Fraser, taught me to work hard, laugh often, and keep my word. My mother, Marian, showed me how to think for myself and to use my voice. Together, in our cramped apartment on the South Side of Chicago, my family helped me see the value in our story, in my story, and in the larger story of our country.

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I’m so inspired by the young people I met today from the South Side of Chicago, my hometown and the future site of the Obama Presidential Center. These high school seniors have big plans for college and beyond, and I’m so proud of each and every one of them.

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It’s impossible for any picture to truly capture what my mother, Marian, has meant to me. Happy #MothersDay to all of the moms out there, and especially to my own.

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If we want our daughters to dream big, we as women have to dig way down deep and figure out what fights are worth it for our kids. Thank you @USOWomen for convening so many amazing women (and men) - you are the changemakers who will make our girls’ dreams a reality. Your passion, courage and conviction fill me with so much hope for our future. #USOW2018

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Thank you to the fierce and fearless @valeriebjarrett, @tinatchen and @USOWomen for bringing together a crowd of thousands to reflect on the #StateofWomen, and for inspiring the next generation of leaders. #USOW2018

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I know how hard all of you have worked to make your dreams of going to college come true. I was once in your shoes, and I know it isn’t easy. But I can tell you that from the South Side of Chicago to Princeton and Harvard and beyond, my education unlocked so many doors for me – and I know it will do the same for you. That’s why #CollegeSigningDay has become one of my favorite traditions. It’s a day when we can all come together to honor your passion and ambition and cheer you on as you get ready to take the next big step in life. I’m so proud of you, and I can’t wait to see everything you achieve!  #BetterMakeRoom (📷 credit: @chuckkennedydc)

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Happy College Signing Day!#BetterMakeRoom for the Class of 2022! 🙌🏾

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On May 2, I can't wait to celebrate my 5th #CollegeSigningDay in Philly! It’s been amazing seeing this event grow into a nationwide movement where schools and communities celebrate students for committing to a higher education. #fbf @bettermakeroom

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Barack and I are thrilled to congratulate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their newest arrival! We hope to meet him soon for a Kensington Palace pajama party. I’ll wear my robe!

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Today, the @ObamaFoundation welcomes the first class of Obama Foundation Fellows. You all give me so much hope. You represent the continuation of the possibilities for change around the world. Barack and I believe in you, and we couldn’t be more excited to watch your work continue to grow. Congratulations!

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Thank you Debra, Valerie, and the entire BET family for hosting me tonight at Leading Women Defined. It was an absolute joy to be with such brilliant, bold, inspiring women. Debra, you’re a friend, a mentor, and a role model for so many, including me, and I’m excited to continue this conversation with you and all of the leading women from tonight’s event. #LWDBET

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Thank you so much to @laurawbush and the entire @thebushcenter team for a warm welcome in Dallas, and for a wonderful tour of your new exhibit, First Ladies: Style of Influence. #StyleofInfluence

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I teamed up with @Refinery29 to mark #InternationalWomensDay and to talk about my passionate commitment to empowering girls around the world through education. This will continue to be a core part of my work at the @ObamaFoundation. Read more at the link in the bio.

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Parker, I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you today (and for the dance party)! Keep on dreaming big for yourself...and maybe one day I'll proudly look up at a portrait of you!