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@kevinmchale : 1st time in Charleston, SC. I’ve been walking around and simultaneously in awe of its beauty and obvious role in our dark history. You can’t help but think about all of that as you walk around and see these beautiful looking historic landmarks, that were all used by the Confederacy. Then I notice a gigantic confederate flag flying by the water and a truck parked beneath it that had a confederate flag painted on to the hood. Just before I started to get angry and curse the South, I stumbled across a small group of women just feet from the flag. They were holding signs that said “equality” written in rainbow and “Don’t be racist.” They explained to me that these men fly the flag every Sunday, so they come out to hold the balance and let the rest of the city know it’s not ok and that they’re outnumbered. It was a quiet and peaceful show of strength and it gave me immense hope. A thankless but necessary job. Some OG trolling. They made my day.
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