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Melissa Joan Hart You may know me as #Clarissa, #Sabrina, or many others... but my boys call me #Mommy; and that’s my favorite role yet!Watch #NoGoodNick @netflix TODAY | |
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@melissajoanhart : This has me fired up... pun intended. The @nationalrifleassociation is attacking a mother who’s work was both out of sympathy for those who lost children to senseless gun violence because of the lax laws of our country and the flux in state to state gun laws. On Mother’s Day they attacked her on their social numerous times and two of which were about how she disabled comments meanwhile when I went o comment on their site, it was disabled to comment on numerous posts about her. #hypocrites She has been attacked and threatened with her life and her children’s. All because she felt moved by the Sandy Hook event to make a difference and stand up for the innocent. Left or right, republican or Democrat, WE CAN DO BETTER THAN ATTACKING PEOPLE WITH GOOD INTENTIONS!!!! I stand by the group at @everytown who don’t want to take away guns of law abiding citizens, we simply want laws that help protect the innocent. I am not a fool and understand that crimes will occur and bad people will not stop but if we keep one 3 year old from accidentally killing his cousin on Christmas because of safe storage laws, or one teen from committing suicide because of a 2 days wait list, or 1 father from shooting a mother because domestic violence abusers should be refused weapons, we have done something right! I want to be on the side of those who fight for the innocent. Go hunt, go to the range, own a gun for protection but do it responsibly and let’s get those laws across the country. If 2A is constitutional right, it should be governed under federal laws across the country. #My2Cents And please keep the naive, moronic and rhetorical questions to yourselves and not in my comments.
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