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Beth Behrs Actress (2 Broke Girls, The Neighborhood). The John Wayne of Carol Burnett’s. Silly is my religion. | |
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@bethbehrs : I am scared of the night. Darkness breeds the deeper mystery of the Unknown. The question “Who am I?” Rings Like the execution of my Spirit. A spiral Breakdown As I cling to the straight line. The A to B to C to Wholeness Then the Goddess of morning Shoots across the raven sky Piercing the clouds with her gilded arrows of candor Her painted mount Stomps the stars Impeding the dawn. The moon falls to his knees Surrendering To the promise of tomorrow. The gulp of possibility Awakens me I cling to the light. And cradle the broken pieces of my heart Serenading them with the lullaby of Love. I have a secret. Every morning as the sun comes up I write poetry. Just for myself. Not to share... but thanks to this incredible oasis in the woods @theforestretreathouse and @alishazalkin ‘s encouraging voice, I’ll start sharing some with you 💛🥰. Man, creativity just flows when you’re surrounded by the majesty of the natural world! Thank you @tobemagnetic @theforestretreathouse . #poetry #poems #instapoem #instapoet #instapoetry #love 💛
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