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@busyphilipps : You know how you get a beach body? @gabifresh and I do! YOU GO TO THE BEACH IN YOUR FUCKIN BODY! We filmed this last month and sadly had no room to air it on the show but it's so sweet and I love it and it's just a reminder that we have a lot of expectations thrown at us, especially when summer rolls around, but all of our bodies are perfect as they are because they are ours and there's not one reason to feel less than fabulous while hanging at the beach or pool. Especially my parents out there or people around kids a lot, model body positivity for your kids by wearing bathing suits and not body shaming yourself in front of your little ones!!! (I've heard it so many times at kid pool parties, moms talking about how the "can't" wear a bikini or they refuse to take off their cover-up) I get it. We all have our shit. But also. You know, you can always fake it till you make it!! ❤️Thank you to all the incredible women who participated in our pop up! 🏖🏖🏖🏖👙👙👙👙
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