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@busyphilipps : So, @instacais and I met through the amazing @pftompkins years ago and I always just loved when I would see her at Watch What Happens Live where she worked and OF COURSE I followed her on Twitter(weirdly my 2nd instagram post EVER is me and Caissie) ANYWAY. A little over a year ago, I asked her to breakfast to pick her brain about the late night & talk show world since she has worked in it for 25 years. But that wasn’t really why I asked her to breakfast. I asked her to meet me because I knew I wanted her to be my showrunner. I wanted her to be my partner and build this thing from scratch. Because I just knew how fucking insanely special and talented she is, even though I barely knew her. It’s palpable when you’re around her. She is a sparkly human. And anyway, I didn’t convince her that day but thankfully, Tina Fey is our executive producer and there aren’t many people who can say no to her. So CAISSIE, happy fucking birthday. This year has been insane but the best is yet to come for you and I am so fucking excited for the next year. I love you and thank you for saying yes(to Tina). #tbt
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