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@busyphilipps : #tbt 1996 🌸 If you've read my book THIS WILL ONLY HURT A LITTLE, then you know my first paid "acting" job was for @mattel at their annual Toy Fair and Pre-Toy Fair(which was held in my hometown Scottsdale AZ) I was cast as a life size version of the CLUELESS doll and my job was to give sales projections to the toy buyers but in character as Cher Horowitz. The job was two weeks and paid WAY more than my other job, which was as a hostess at California Pizza Kitchen. Even though it was just an industrial trade show, it made me feel like I was really gonna make it as an actress after high school. Especially after @sharonstone came through the Toy Fair one day and told me she thought I was very talented. 😍 Oh! Also! A tiny @rumerwillis came to the Toy Fair with her mom that year and she and I just realized it like two years ago.😂❤️ We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the Fair but one of the other Barbie Girls(what we were called) snuck in a disposable camera one day and she and I took pictures when no one was looking- I can’t remember her name but she was rad(she was some kind of a rock and roll Barbie) She lived in LA and before the Toy Fair was over she gave me a crystal she had with her that she said I should bring with me when I moved to LA to bring me good luck. Which I did. I mean. Feels like it worked. ✨✨✨
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