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@busyphilipps : HERE WE GO! Teacher #1 in our #10featuredteachers Is ZANOVIA CLARK @zslc13 !!! Let's get some much needed supplies for the kids she teaches and let's help Zanovia #clearthelist ! Her Amazon Wishlist link is in my bio and there is a swipe up in my stories! I am so proud to be a #michaelspartner because Zanovia is ALSO going to get a 300 dollar gift card to @michaelsstores (teachers always get 15% off at Michael's👍🏼)!!!❤️ Here is what Zanovia emailed: "Busy, I am a 5th year educator working in Seattle, WA. I teach second grade in a Dual Language school where my students are learning in both English and Spanish. I have spent the last 5 years working in high poverty, high need schools. I choose teaching as my career because I grew up with a single mom who struggled to make ends meet. I have an older sister who was heavily involved in drugs throughout my childhood. That being said, many of my teachers served as my caretakers and family. They taught me not only to read and write but to believe in myself and love who I am. As a way to thank them, I decided to become an educator and do the same for students. I want every student in my classroom to feel loved and cared for no matter what is going on at home. I recently got married to my wife in June and we just rescued a sweet pup from a Texas shelter! I enjoy Beyonce, laughing, street tacos, and a good cold case show!" Let's show Zanovia some love and #clearthelist for her! 📓📚🎒✏️
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