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@busyphilipps : I kinda wish time travel was real so I could go back 16 years and tell you not only will you have a kid, you’ll have 2 and they’ll turn you into someone you will truly not recognize. And not just cause of the grey beard. That you will love to wake up early with them and take them to school. That they will somehow talk you into SO MANY PETS including a dog(yeah yeah I know you’re ALLERGIC) That these kids can talk you in to just about ANYTHING. That you will do things you wouldn’t have CONSIDERED for them or flat out said NEVER IN MY LIFE, like going on a Disney cruise(twice!). But not only that, you’ll genuinely LOVE it because THEY love it and the dumb hat you buy on the Disney Island with Olaf on it will become your favorite hat of all time. That you will go on a cross country road trip with one when she’s 7 and it will change both of your lives. That you will SAY another baby isn’t the best idea but as soon as you meet her you say not only was it the best idea, you already can’t imagine life without this little person and should we have more? (No) That you will decide to hold off on your own work for a bit in order to take care of them so your wife can focus on her talk show. That your girls’ happiness will be so tied to your own, you will cry(CRY) when they get hurt or when someone is mean to them. That you would do anything for them. Anything to protect them. And you do. HFD Marc- I know being a dad is weird and hard and didn’t come naturally at first but your commitment to always doing better is what makes you the best at it now. **For Father’s Day, I’m going to match up to 5K to @goodplusfdn ‘s Father Factor Program, which provides mentoring and support for Dads who need it. The video of Rayshard Brooks asking for help struck me. We must show up and support all dads. My heart today is with his kids, and the children of George Floyd, Eric Garner and countless other fathers who have been taken from their families by police brutality and a corrupt judicial syste
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