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@busyphilipps : I know it seems overwhelming at times, but we can not look away- and we must continue show up and demand justice for every family who has lost their beloved babies to a racism and totally inept system of “policing” that kills Black people in our country. This gentle young man was killed by Aurora Police in Colorado less than a year ago. The officers have not been charged for taking his life. Elijah was a 23 year old massage therapist. He taught himself to play violin and guitar. On his lunch breaks from work he would sometimes bring his guitar and play music for the animals in the pet shop. Elijah loved running. He ran in barefoot running shoes because he believed they are more natural for humans to wear. He was anemic and wore a runners mask to stay warm. Content warning for violent description. On the night he was killed, he walked to the store wearing his running mask to buy iced tea for his cousins. Someone called the police about “suspicious behavior.” On the audio footage released by Aurora PD you can hear Elijah crying out, “Let go of me. I’m an introvert. Please respect the boundaries that I am speaking….I can’t breathe.” Elijah was 140 lbs. Even when he was being brutally attacked he spoke with integrity. While 3 Aurora Police Dept officers violently restrained him they called Aurora Fire Dept, who injected him with ketamine. He went into cardiac arrest and his family was advised to take him off life support 6 days later. Please share his story. PLEASE DEMAND JUSTICE - swipe for phone numbers to call and a script of what to say if you need. I will put the linktree in my bio and a swipe up in my stories to sign the petition, where to make calls and send emails and how to donate to his family. @justiceforelijahmcclain #JusticeforElijahMcClain #blacklivesmatter #sayhisname #justiceforelijah #elijahmcclain #saytheirnames
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