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@busyphilipps : LINK IN BIO and swipe up in stories. I want Tamir Rice’s mom to know her son is not forgotten these 6 years later on what should be his 18th birthday. She’s building a community center for kids-offering educational, art, civic and cultural programs. A safe place to go and play and grow; something her baby didn’t get to do. I know the last few months I’m like DONATE HERE GIVE HERE DONATE MORE I AMMMM!! But the truth is, even a little means a lot to so many programs in our country, and the differences it makes in peoples lives can be huge. And I guess if the last four months have taught us anything, it’s that it’s all just way too precarious and you never know when you might end up on the other side and need someone to help you or your loved ones. How wildly lucky I am to turn 41 today!! The gift of being alive and healthy is never lost on me. Anyway. Thank you for all your sweet wishes! Dance party on the balcony later. ❤️💜❤️
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