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James Van Der Beek #Husband, #father, #writer, professional make-believer, work in progress. | www.nytimes.com/2018/06/14/opinion/personalism-philosophy-collectivism-fragmentation.amp.html |
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@vanderjames : Most people are good. I’m going to come out and say it. I woke up this morning depressed over some of the awful, inexcusable, horribly dark actions of a few people - on line, at microphones, in communities... and it made me scared. And anxious. And it weighed on me. It wasn’t until I forced myself to do a little Qi Gong & meditation (I’m learning for a new project - more on all that later)... that I suddenly remembered that I’d walked through an insanely dense halftime crowd amongst way too many drunk football fans on Sunday with a living extension of my heart on my shoulders - while wearing the visiting team’s hat... and everyone was cool. They were nice. It was a tough grind just to move a few feet, but everybody kept their calm, and even helped. I share this little bit of goodness because it’s easy to let the bad drown out everything else these days... and while it’s human nature to report on the bad and try to fix it, I feel like maybe recognizing what’s right can put us on a little better footing to address what’s not.
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