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Natalie bassingthwaighte Mum, Actor, Singer, Host Founder of @iamchikhi #chikhi. RGM Artists [email protected] | |
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@natbassingthwaighte : Thanks @raemorrismakeup and of course @thealexbox This is sensational. We need to start Living!.. living day to day. Being present .loving in the moments. Laughing. Smiling. And stop worrying what people think of us and stop comparing ourselves to people in instagram. We need to stop pretending that life is perfect. It doesn’t matter How many followers you have or How many likes you have .. I would love for the likes and dislikes to stop . For Everton to stop judging people. the bottom line is with how insta works these days, unless you post all day everyday your posts will get lost. I for one refuse to do that! I want to be present with my children and discuss on more important things. Yes I will still get on insta a bit and post things I love etc. I have started following so many inspiring quotes peeps so if I get the urge or twitch to NEED to scroll insta it’s filled with light and love 🙏🏻 Happy Sunday peeps Don’t compare yourself!!! #JustBeYou
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