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@busyphilipps : We had a really wonderful morning volunteering with @thisisabouthumanity and the @wckitchen team in Tijuana. We helped cook and pack up food for 9 shelters and then delivered and were able to serve lunch to asylum seekers who are living in shelters hoping their numbers will be called. One of the things that I love so much about @chefjoseandres and his mission with @wckitchen is his belief that making great food for those in need provides not only nutrition but also dignity. He's obviously right. It truly changes people when they have a meal that's made with love and good fresh ingredients. ❤️@cheftimkilcoyne @phelps757 Chef Rick, Theresa and all the volunteers in the Tijuana @wckitchen were wonderful to us and are so thoughtful about the food they are serving. ❤️ At the shelter we were serving today, there were so many kids and it became clear that they weren't REALLY interested in eating our beautiful salad, so I began separating out the cucumbers (PEPINOS!) and offering them to the kids because they have always been MY daughters favorite. Turns out, Birdie and Cricket aren't alone in their love of cucumbers- most of the kids got super excited and started taking them 🙌. But please scroll to the last pic where I was captured looking like I'm agressively pressuring a child take a cucumber slice😂 I promise I wasn’t!😂😂
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