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@blakeshelton 🥰 #missutoo #loveangelmusicbaby gx

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8 years ago today my 1st baby angel boy 👼🏼#skylermorrison came into my world and changed it forever. You saved my life 🙏🏻 and gave me a new meaning of life forever. You made me the best version of myself and showed me how to love in the most unfathomable way. I learned what happiness really is and what it feels like to be complete. You and #kaiusjagger make my heart full everyday 💞Happiest Birthday 🎂 my beautiful magical boy....keep on living your best life and continue to dream big always and forever ❤️👼🏼🙏🏻 #thisis8 #freezetime #littleprince 👑 xoRZ

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SOUND ON this got me 😭

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And I wonder why my rating isn’t 5.0 ⭐️ 🍸Repost @the.hollywood.heroine Just out here trying to get a 5 star Uber rating tonight. 🤣 @lisavanderpump @kylerichards18

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Young baboons in the same troop like to play together. Games include wrestling, swinging from vines, and apparently dry humping. #keepingupwiththebaboons

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#fbf to some excerpts from a video I got to do with fashion designer @viktorluna a few years back. So much fun! ... #TransIsBeautiful #viktorluna #projectrunway

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Some of y’all may have to reconsider the Farm Life? 😳😳 #nowthatsludicrous

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Episode three of #CantJustPreach features Efren Olivares. He's the Director of @txcivilrights Racial and Economic Justice Program and is devoted to advocating for the constitutional and human rights of immigrants and their families. Learn more about his story and the Texas Civil Rights Project, link in bio.

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This week the electoral college has been in the crosshairs, ever since Elizabeth Warren suggested abolishing it. So I thought it might be useful to show you this video done by the smart people at @tededucation. It’s a bit dated, but it’s a great primer (or refresher if 8th grade seems like a long time ago!) We’ve had two presidents in the last 16 years who didn’t win the popular vote - and many people think that’s a problem. Also, the founders established the Electoral College in 1787 when they had no idea the US would ultimately have a two party system or that blacks and women would win the right to vote. In fact, it was a way to ensure that less populated Southern states where slaves were considered only 3/5ths of a white person when state populations were being determined. It’s pretty complicated but we thought this video is a good place to start! What do you think of abolishing the electoral college? Will it unfairly advantage more populated urban areas as some have argued? Or is canning it essential in a representative democracy? John Oliver, where are you when we need you?

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This A.I. just got a vertical reboot 🤖 KCs, see all the new screenshot opportunities on @spotify Link in bio #365allthetime

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Happy Friday. Thank you so much for the 🖤 And holy shit what a spectacular launch. I make all this training gear for you - it’s so gratifying to see you enjoy it. What a journey. Enjoy. LINK FOR YOUR GEAR IS IN 👆🏾BIO #ProjectRock #DwayneJohnsonTraining #UnderArmour #IAintGotTimeForFluidInTheLungs

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Keeping Time.....................💃🏾 @meganguwre. #magic

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Hard to believe this all started with writing it on my shoes in 2010. #CHANELPHARRELL @chanelofficial #ad

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Many moons ago, my high school marching band played this song for homecoming. Today I play it for my boo, @reesewitherspoon. ♥️We have a groovy kind of love.♥️ Happy birthday, Lady. #bandgeeksarethebestgeeks 🎷 #havethebestday

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Clash At Clairemont is back! Sept 21, 2019 - benefiting @grindforlifeorg. This will be the best one yet.

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@miyakingmusic debut album out now 💥💥💥

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From coast to coast, @wework’s spaces are creative and collaborative - kind of a dream comp sci learning environment 😉 There’s still time to get your @kodewithklossy applications in!

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This #WorldWaterDay, join me with @Participant in the fight to ensure safer drinking water. Participant.com/water

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I am so honored to be partnering with @childrensla to help raise much needed funds for the beautiful children they serve. Please head to the link in my bio to find out how to donate with @boxofstyle for their @makemarchmatter campaign. 💗XoRZ #CHLA #childrenneedus #MakeMarchMatter

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What’s for lunch??? Haven’t felt this excited to guess what’s been packed for me since 1st grade 😋🍎

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Jamie Oliver  post on Instagram

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Beautiful words from @jacindaardern ♥️♥️ Thousands gathered together in Hagley Park, and around New Zealand, to reflect on the 50 victims of the #christchurch terror attack. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke simply moments before the two minutes silence was observed. “According to Muslim faith, the Prophet Mohammed, sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, ‘The believers in their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are just like one body. When any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels pain.' New Zealand mourns with you. We are one.” #Repost @1newsnz #weareone #christchurch #christchurchmosqueshooting #jacindaardern #theyareus #newzealand #1newsnz #christchurchattack

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What to make this weekend: our hearty sausage-potato quiche (a guaranteed crowd-pleaser if you’re hosting brunch!). 🍳 And trust us, guests *will* be asking for seconds. 😉 Grab the full recipe at the link in bio - and happy brunching! 🥂

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I actually have this bed. #DetectivePikachu

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MC x DON ⚠️ A No No Remix ⚠️ Video out now!! 🔥 smarturl.it/ANoNoFtStefflonDon

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Tough session 😅 music by Dave @shanemcguigan

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It all comes together in the end @michaelbassingthwaighte @thegrounds #kisskiss how cute is my dad by the way

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When your papa @michaelbassingthwaighte comes to visit @thegrounds anything can happen

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Snoop Dog  post on Instagram

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Thanks @ognick4 for the throwback #ClarissaExplainsItAll video!! #tbt

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#Repost @shaunking ・・・ God help me. I was just sent this video of a Neo-Nazi in Dallas, Texas brutally beating a Black woman. My blood is boiling. Just spoke to @leemerrittesq and I swear both of us are fighting back tears in anger over what we just saw. Dear Austin Shuffield of Dallas, Texas. You are a woman beating bigot. We saw what you did and will make sure you are held fully accountable for it. He was just arrested but was severely undercharged. Not only did he follow her into this parking lot, he pulled a gun on her, called her racial slurs, and knocked her phone out of her hands when she attempted to call 911. We are demanding proper charges from the newly elected DA of Dallas.

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@offsetyrn is here tomorrow, and he told me all about @iamcardib.

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Congratulations, @kristenanniebell and everyone at Ellen Digital who helped make this EMMY-NOMINATED series a success! #Momsplaining

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Playing @Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, CT on April 20th. That’s right, the magical 4/20 with my bro @theRealMikeYoung - Get Tickets now at — bit.ly/2UMkRYM or BobSaget.com

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Repost from @sylviahoeks Makes my heart hurt in the best way 🙏🏼❤️😭

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Repost • @videosafterdark This is the best way to shower....If you wanna get on @videosafterdark — Watch Videos After Dark with @bobsaget on @hulu

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Yo @vinnyguadagnino, are we gonna be able to handle all of these chicks? 😅 Mark your calendars, @doubleshotatlove premieres Jerzday, April 11th at 8/7c on @mtv

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Kendall’s new video for @longchamp #proudmama #Repost @kendalljenner: "new @longchamp video! #theride #Longchamp_ambassador #Longchamp #KendallforLongchamp"

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Sound on! Excited to show you my brand new Nike commercial. Thanks, @SerenaWilliams. Thanks, @Nike. (You can send my payment at your earliest convenience. I also accept shoes...size 8.)

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Guess who’s coming! 🦄🌈 Tonight on #WillandGrace!

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Fun & fringey! Had an amazing time last night w/ @rachelzoe & friends celebrating @boxofstyle ! P.S. I’m obsessed w/ this jacket Rachel! The color is amazing. 💜

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When white walker meets barbie. ❄️🤷🏼‍♀️💕Feminine, powerful, and a little intense. This is a character I can get on board with.

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