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@peterpilotto ⚡️ styled by @fleureganstyle for @Myer Precious Metal Ball, raising funds and awareness for @whiteribbonaust and their vision of creating a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from all forms of domestic violence. Honoured to be a part of such an incredible evening x

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Troye absolutely owned the Rose Bowl 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 @troyesivan thank you so much for coming!!!

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Taylor Swift  post on Instagram
I mean, I could but why would I want to? @selenagomez

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Today’s ‘Post ‘Anniversary Week’ back-on-the-wagon’ step workout! 🎉🍕🍔🍹🍾🍷🍩🎂🎉 After a week of overindulgence I decided I really needed to 💥STEP IT UP💥😜 All you need for this little HIIT burner is - you guessed it - a step! 😝 1. Crucifix squats (30sec each side): keep your arms raised while you squat then bring opposite elbow to knee as you step up 2. 180 degree flip box burpees (1 min) 3. Box taps (1 min) 4. Low box taps (1 min) - try and keep as low as you possibly can for this one! 5. Push ups (1 min) 6. Alternating karate lunges (1 min) - try and keep these as smooth as possible; feel free to add a backfist with your leading arm if you’re feeling feisty 💪🏽😜 💥 20 sec rest between exercises, repeat 3 times 💥 🎶 Steel Banglez feat. Yungen, MoStack, Mr Eazi, Not3s - ‘Bad’

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Aww man 😆😡get the strap.

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I think I’m gonna go check this out in LONDON, that King MO vs Ryan Bader fight was crazy. 🤨😡get the strap. #lecheminduroi

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We have a special live performance in the next 15 mins we are sharing on insta live. Friends, lovers, animals and all the sweet babes playing with your mamas phones .... join in and let us all try something new together.

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PERFORMING ON SNL TONIGHT!!!!!! After party @ Highline Ballroom. 🦄 #NickiOnSNL #NYWutsGoodie

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Miami. We brought the campfire. You brought the lights...

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Production Rehearsals Day 1: meet my amazing team! / Primer día de Ensayos de Producción: les presento a mi increíble equipo! Shak

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Snoop Dog  post on Instagram

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This is a #BlackExcellence public service announcement!! I’d like to send this out to all my light skin, high yellow, caramel and redbone brothers and sisters. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼

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What a wonderful day ❤️ and wonderful couple xxx

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Still got it.

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AND ITS NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY!!Many thanks to @virginiabeerco , @bigwilleyton and @bigwilley18 for the tasty care package from my favorite spot in Williamsburg VA!

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Good time celebrating with the Grads last night. Congrats!!! Let’s do it again #gradbash

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@prettylittleliars will never be forgotten 💓

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Can’t stop crying! Meghan Markle is every bit a modern day princess in a stunning @givenchyofficial gown! #royalwedding #reactionvideo @melaniebromley @giulianarancic @sarahjanecrawford

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Leaning out of my hotel window to get this video of band playing The Stars and Stripes in front of #WindsorCastle ...cute! So festive and fun for #RoyalWedding ! #harryandmeghan #love

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Malcom knew that we needed women to balance us. Happy Born Day El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Repost from @erykahbadu

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Oh the kiss! I love LOVE! 💘💘💘 #meghanandharry #royalwedding #love

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1 Year since #StripThatDown 🙏🏼 @quavohuncho

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Thank you @shawnmendes and the 60,000 people who came to the Rose Bowl show tonight! YOU WERE MAGICAL 🌹

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How are you celebrating the #RoyalWedding?? Rumour has it, Prince Harry popped the question over a roast chicken so this is the recipe you need at your party. Hit the link in my bio to get it!

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Friday night baking antics with my #kaiusjagger #momlife #TGIF 🥧🍫👼🏼🙏🏻❤️ XoRZ

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This guy is 34 today!! And he’s probably the only person in the world that hasn’t annoyed me once in the last decade... but as kids it was little different. He has the calmest nature, kindest Hart, and generous soul. I am so proud of the man you have grown into. And I’d like to take a little of the credit for that. 😛Love you booger!

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🌇 @star_lashextensions

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fucked up the lyrics but paying tribute to the KING

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It’s #EndangeredSpeciesDay, @kleman!

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day 1 of promoting @adriftmovie !!! IM SO EXCITED!!! out june 1st in theaters across america!!!! #adrift @stxentertainment @mrsamclaflin thanks @karayoshimotobua and @hairbyjohnd for decorating me :))).

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These dancers made me very happy today. @inthelab247

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Snoop Dog  post on Instagram

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Baby boy first haircut -thx @davynewkirk 💇🏽‍♂️👶🏽💙

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PLEASE READ: Fact- 2018 has been deadlier for US children in schools than U.S. Servicemen. Next time you give a statement @realdonaldtrump to the families that are suffering the loss of their children, to the kids and staff after the #santafehighschool shooting it better be followed with #guncontrol laws and real legislation - even though it should have been a long, long time ago in this country. Show us that you really are “with all” of them. To be clear- when I say “you” it is because you are our President NOW. You carry the lineage of every President before. You have the obligation and duty to protect us. We can have the 2nd Amendment WITH RESTRICTED gun laws. The studies are clear. More guns more death. I encourage people to study this. Yes, we need funding and attention on mental health. It is a deeply complex issue that confounds us as a nation. This is an epidemic and many of our leaders have failed us. If you are going to “Make America Great Again” use your radical nature to stop the upward trajectory of mass shootings in our country. I am angry, grieving and disgusted by the administration and of course many administrations for all those that will dispute this post. The complete lack of common sense and will in regards to protecting our country and children, putting guns over lives... If others disagree look inside of yourself and ask why. My love and my action are with our citizens. No more death. It’s too long and too late for those who have lost. We have to lead. We must show our power at the polls and elect those that stand for life over money and these atrocities. JUNE 5th! See you at the ballot box.

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#Repost @upliftinganimals ・・・ 😍Repost @elephant.lover.s When an elephant gives birth, her herd gathers around her to protect her baby and they trumpet in celebration. It's really quite extraordinary..❤ 📬 @rodeubanks

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No doubt, making our parents proud, me, @MelissaMccarthy & Maya Rudolph invite you to enjoy @happytimemovie #NSFW #HappytimeMurders #SillyString Full trailer at the link in my bio.

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It’s here! Check out the premiere of "tWitch Please... Help Me Dance!" on ellentube. Right now. @sir_twitch_alot

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New single “Downtown’s Dead” available now.

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Get ready to lose your minds! As we blow up the island I’ll be blowing up your devices and touring the world talkin’ all things Jurassic! Join me. It’s gonna be a blast!! HERE WE GO!!! #jurassicworld #jurassicpark

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My bff @marycmccormack’s daughter Rose. #wildhorses

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Diane Kruger  post on Instagram

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Y’all named him Jesus! And he throwing up the Middle Finger already at this age!!! 😳😳 #nowthatsludicrous

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Thank you to the THOUSANDS of people who came to San Francisco’s @kyliecosmetics Popup!!!!! You guys lined up before dawn and we thank for all of your love and support 💕💕💕

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Cool new song I’ve been working on called ASHES IN THE OCEAN - set to footage I took of jellyfish at the aquarium!! Hahaha - I love #imovie

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