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Tune in tonight to find out what the hell I’m talking about... #snakesinmydriveway #bottomofthe9th #thetonightshow

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I. LOVE. The McFalcones SO MUCH!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! Thank u @benjyfalcone thank u @melissamccarthy Happy Birthday K. Bell !!!!!!! 🎉 @kristenanniebell Reposted from @melissamccarthy

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Idris Elba  post on Instagram

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My friends @prorenfx • Thank you for painstakingly aging Old Wayne & Roland by 🖐 Love

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@kodewithklossy scholars can create anything... even my avatar’s crazy futuristic morning routine ;) new video on @britishvogue and the BTS in my bio!

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We are trying our darndest to get to @QVC today been in the road 3 3/4 hours And every fifteen minutes we have an extreme downpour, or a shallow lake to drive through Or lightning to contend with Lots of fun!!!!!!!

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The whole fish pie thing is one of the most homely, comforting and moreish dinners I can think of. This cracking recipe always does it for me, even after all these years. #NakedChef20 #ThrowbackThursday

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A mixture of Racine rose from @marthawineco , a bit of @Belvederevodka and this wonderful machine @kelvinslush All =FROSE

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Vin Diesel  post on Instagram

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Will he strike out or bring it home? BOTTOM OF THE 9TH. In theaters and On Demand #tomorrow! ⚾️💥💥💥

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#tbt 60 seconds with EMMY NOMINATED ACTOR @theebillyporter!!! The #emmy nominations were announced this week, and Billy is the first openly gay black man to be nominated for lead actor in a drama (for his work as Pray Tell on @poseonfx) Congrats, Billy! And stay on the lookout for our full interview - coming next week! 🤩🌟❤️🏳️‍🌈 #pose #posefx #billyporter #emmys #thursday #60seconds #emmynominated

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I don’t know about you guys... but I’m all set!!🤣 -20° Fahrenheit ain’t got nothing on me! ⛺️

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Practice... @sonjanorwood my Mommy goose use to always tell me that perfect practice makes perfect. Repetition brings forth God to take over your personality. All you have to do is trust the work and let go. Love y’all 💛 hey #4stooges @chrisgranted @keenandwashington and @diandreblue 🙏🏾 #riders

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Ike > Ige Mauna > Money Aloha > Hate Putting Hawaiians against Hawaiians is their strategy. Sending love to all. So sad to see this. what would our kings and queens say if they saw this Sad times.

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How I feel when shooting nights.... 🎥 #SunsetBoulevard

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Well, there goes that dream! Turns out my kids don’t even know what laserdiscs are... 😂 #tbt

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The Big Day is a week from tmw. Headphones dolo or Speakers with friends?

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#tbt the process collaborating with @audreycase @makenzie_dustman and the mind bending @phillipchbeeb for my tour. Unfortunately this particular section didn’t make it into the tour. I honestly can’t remember why exactly but I love it and thought I would share a rough video of us figuring it out. I love collaborating with creative minds, especially ones that go places I might not instinctually go. #dance #creativity #process

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#BEAUTYJUNKIEWEEK IS HERE!!!!! it’s gonna be a good week. @thinksport is my first pic. (Remember, no one pays me for any of this! These are all just my finds that I want to share with you!)

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#SDCC2019, are you ready for @CarnivalRow? Join us for @amazonprimevideo’s #CarnivalRow panel in Ballroom 20 on Friday, 7/19 at 4:45PM!

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Everyone Knows @vindiesel The Actor/Producer, but very few know the extremely Giving & Selfless Individual that I am blessed to continue working with. He’s taken my family in as his own and he has countlessly lifted Us ALL up especially in our times of need. So of Course he would NEVER let his co star be driven to a concert when he has a 20 passenger plane all to himself. 🤣 HAPPY BDAY BIG BRO 🙏🏽💪🏽 LOVE! #fast92020

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Happy Birthday Keegan! Thank you for 18 years of love, laughs and adventure (and constant concern for your safety as you tested all physical limits). We are very proud of the man you’ve become. My best advice at this stage of your life is.... to please clean the dishes.

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Aww man 😆this one caught me off guard 🍾#lecheminduroi 🥃#bransoncognac

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Hey European festival goers: into your heart I’ll beat again... at @tomorrowland and @parookaville with my main headlinin’ man @steveaoki. See ya there.

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Repost @johnstamos ・・・ More hi-jinx with @daviddobrik @jasonnash & @bobsaget

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Thanks @HoldenAustralia for keeping our podcast free.

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That couch was so itchy!! #snick #clarissaexplainsitall

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When you have a game to win at the World Series, nothing’s getting in your way.... not even your coach🥎😩🥎

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After being 😷🤒 for last several days with crazy high #fever... @kaiusjagger said “mom don’t worry my fever is really good for me..I’ll tell you why” ..#learn from our #children every day 🙏🏻🥰 #ilysm xoRZ

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Everyone wears a mask @impoppy @mddnco

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My kids are kind. I dont care if they cant do math 👵👵👵 (For my #armcherries : #fastmath is overrated.) Pajamas by: @rollerrabbitofficial

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We are surrounded. Kani Ka Pu!!! Saddle road is blocked on both sides. Hawaii island head to blocks and turn them into parking lots. Repost @kala_dacaptain

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Bars. West coast LBC.🔥🔥💥🎤👊🏿💙💙

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Beyoncé  post on Instagram

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On set at my cover shoot with @newbeauty chatting about my favorite crystals, leech facials and what products I’d bring on a deserted island 🙌🏻✨🌈 @koraorganics

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My album comes out next friday. Tell me the story of how we first met. #thebigday

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It takes two to make a thing go ri-ight. #repost @ellentube ・・・ Oh, brother.

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🤣🤣How’s he gonna jump all in his face like that?? His voice is FIRE tho! Who is this??? 💜💜💜

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Our lens. Our story. #WadeWorldTour2019 #567 @567worldwide #tighthipchallenge 🎶 Pon di river, pon di bank🎶

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Does he still have what it takes? BOTTOM OF THE 9TH in theaters and On Demand Friday! ⚾️💥 #bottomofthe9th

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The app is not listening to our phones 😂😂😂. But the government thou 🤫🤫🤫 hahaha #crashthepattern @motherofpatterns

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Mood. Catch me in the wind like a paper plane. @rickrockbeats 👊🏿✨💥✈️

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#BREAKING: Law enforcement officials have begun arresting protesters who are blocking Mauna Kea Access Road.

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Y’all wanted to hear my ugly voice in the trailer so here it goes 😂. @angrybirdsmovie 🎀🎈♥️🥰 tkts on sale now #Pinky

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What about #VeronicaAndNicole????? #teamNicole anyone????? @kirbyhowellbaptiste @veronicamars #VeronicaMars starts in a week on @hulu!!!

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Pack your bags for a weekend getaway! Martha's collection with @aerosoles includes colorful wedges, comfortable flats, and stylish sandals made to fit your summer adventures. Visit the link in bio to shop. 👆🏼

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