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My hand eye coordination is impeccable
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37,381 | 13 days ago | 214

So hard to believe we all started out this small.

79,417 | 14 days ago | 1127

Hayes Alba Warren: You sure know how to ring in the new year! You showed up a few days early but we couldn’t be any happier. Your Mamma is the strongest woman I know ... you’re so lucky to have her by your side. You have two amazing sisters who already adore you and I know you’ll be thankful to have them guide the way. On your first day of life, I promise to love you, to cherish you, and to provide you with a sandbox full of dreams to explore. Welcome to the family my sweet baby Hayes! 12/31/2017

40,359 | 22 days ago | 177

This years holiday card ... last one where I’ll be the only dude in the photo ... I’m having a moment. Merry Christmas Eve!! Tried to convince Haven that today was Christmas and santa forgot about her but she saw right through it. Smart kid.



975 | 25 days ago | 11

Hard to see faces but these are the magical humans behind @pairofthieves. Thank you for all the support and for helping turn this dream of ours into a reality! Happy Holidays!!

8,499 | 35 days ago | 37

When your youngest shows you her nails and your heart smiles because she wrote her sisters name too. Love this kid so damn much ❤️❤️

718 | 42 days ago | 8

Happy National Sock Day! 🧦🗓 @pairofthieves will be donating a pair of socks for every #nationalsockday hashtag. Help us raise awareness by reposting this photo and use the hashtag #nationalsockday ... thanks!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

1,738 | 45 days ago | 17

How do you get a kid to sit still at a photoshoot? Snacks!! We just launched the cutest limited edition gift box of Mix & Match holiday socks that you need in your kids life!! Seriously. Link in bio if you want to check out the cuteness overload for yourself.

645 | 48 days ago | 6

There aren’t a lot of things in this world I love more than a good hi-five ... @pairofthieves

18,059 | 51 days ago | 122

Trust me, this is a perfect hiding spot.

675 | 61 days ago | 21

It’s that time of the year again ... when I get jealous of the insanely cozy limited edition socks we made just for the ladies. I’m hoping my lady finds them so cozy she’ll even be down to cuddle on the couch and watch sports w me this weekend....Doubtful but a kid can dream. Cheers @pairofthieves

10,112 | 64 days ago | 26

About last night ... you are my favorite night @baby2baby. So many hugs @derekblasberg for this one.

9,157 | 69 days ago | 60

Apparently, to be a good dad means you have to get excited every time you see your child’s name. It’s exhausting. But here I am doing just that. Happy Tuesday y’all.

13,825 | 76 days ago | 46

Vampires. Or something like that. Either way, we were into it 🎃 💪🏽👊🏽👍🏽

1,568 | 82 days ago | 12

About last night. Sock piles are the new ball pit. @pairofthieves #basicbritches

2,743 | 86 days ago | 18

Like father like daughter. The Unknowns belong in the AYSO hall of fame. Pops aka Coach Mike is killing it!! ❤️