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Another truly spectacular and unforgettable night supporting @amfar in their fight against HIV/AIDS! Thank you so much to @chanelofficial and @mariaschonhofer for my gorgeous goddess gown and jewels, and @mehdirguiba for my beautiful hair and makeup and of course @andyboosejr for once again putting such a special night together for everyone! #amfar #makingaidshistory #cannes2018 #cannesdiary ❤️❤️❤️

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What a beautiful trip to Cannes so far! Thank you so much @piaget for my fairytale jewels, @prada and @veesback for my gorgeous, super modern custom gown and a huge thank you to my glam team from, @karimbelghiran and @sandrinecanobock! You guys made me look amazing!🔥🔥🔥 #cannes2018 #cannesdiary

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Sometimes you just gotta strike a pose in front of a door like a boss.😉 I’m so happy to be here in #cannes2018 to support @amfar in their fight against HIV/AIDS! To get ready for the big event tomorrow night, here are some great #amfar moments from the past! Enjoy! Xo m😘 #cannesdiary

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous mom’s out there, including my own gorgeous mama! You deserve it ladies. When I remember what my mom went through to help me become who I am today, I am so proud. To move to a new country where you hardly speak the language, to struggle and work any job she could to pay for my endless classes, acting, piano, ballet, TAP! I mean tap? Really Mom?😂 When I think of all the times she motivated me to be the best I could be, to educate me, to remind me what it is to be a good person, to have empathy and compassion for others, to be the first one at work with a smile on my face and the last one to leave (also with a smile), to never complain, to be strong amidst the endless rejection and criticism this industry piles on performers, to have common sense, to appreciate the people around me and most importantly, to just relax and be a pleasant person. You did all this and for the most part thank you’s were few and far between. Well, thank you mommy! You’re the best and I love you so much!❤️❤️❤️ #happymothersday #ladiary

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Well I didn’t want to say anything but... I concur.😉 thanks for my prezzy @humberto, you’re a doll, a joy and an inspiration.❤️❤️❤️ #ladiary

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How happy does Smushy look holding her birthday present hand made and painted by her Auntie, the inimitable, magical artist @sashapivovarovareal, my amazing russian sister. #ladiary❤️❤️❤️

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Guess who I’m working with this week @daniellemacdonald?? With your boy, the boss himself from #patticakesmovie @therealbrahmin!! We’re doing an exciting short film together (more details to come). And what?? Look at this gorgeous photobomb by @alexandrashipppp back there! Can’t you see we’re trying to look “hardcore” lady?? Jeez!🙄😂❤️❤️❤️ #ladiary 😁😁😁

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My best friend @what_j_happened and I have known each other since we were 7. And she’s still as crazy today as she was back then. Click on the link in her bio and read her hilarious new column, full of LMFAO humor and the latest gossip!😘❤️❤️❤️👌🏼👍🏼 #ladiary

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Make up on, hair pinned and ready to get in costume for my role as the “Duchess” in the new movie #paradisehills with the most amazing cast of gorgeous and super talented young ladies @emmaroberts @daniellemacdonald @eizagonzalez and @awkwafina!❤️❤️❤️ #barcelonadiary Make up: @ana_lozano_make_up Hair: @_luchito_

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I’ve been LMFAO’ing all day after buying #howtoamerican, written by one of my favorite comedians, Jimmy O. Yang aka @funnyasiandude from the classic show #siliconvalley! From Chapter One he’s a savage, talking about growing up in Hong Kong: “I played the violin, I was super good at math, and I played Ping-Pong competitively.” Ouch.🔥To his dad’s pep talk before a tournament: “Jimmy, even though you are short, even though you are weak, and the other kid is way better than you... you are going to do ok.” I was lol’ing so hard on the plane I started getting annoying looks from people next to me. Love it! So happy to have this gem on my Kindle. Do yourselves a favor and get it, you’ll thank me.😉😆👍🏼😂😂😂 #notanad

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Not a bad view from my trailer this morning!😏 Making movies is kind of like dating in your twenties. You never know where you’ll end up the next morning and most of the time you look like a clown.😂 #paradisehills #barcelonadiary

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This is one of the most heart wrenching and horrifying stories I’ve read in a while. This little baby boy, Alfie Evans, has been under life support in British hospital, Alder Hey, for over a year. His brain tissue is damaged and he’s pretty much in a vegetative state. A few days ago, the hospital made the decision to turn his life support off because it is “futile and inhumane”. Well, surprise surprise, his parents don’t agree. But they have no say in the matter! Though Alfie’s parents appealed the hospitals decision, they lost and on the 24th of this month, his ventilator was turned off. Alfie astonished everyone by continuing to breathe unaided, apart from an oxygen tank. He’s a miracle baby. His father even went to visit the Pope in Italy to try and recruit help on keeping his baby alive. The Pope went as far as convincing the Italian government to grant Alfie Italian citizenship so he could be emergency evacuated to a children’s hospital in Italy where they are willing and standing by in readiness to receive him, put him back on life support and try and help him, but for some reason that i don’t understand, Alfie is not allowed to leave. Not the hospital or the country, though they won’t continue to treat him either. This is unbelievable. This seems like such senseless cruelty. Why can’t Alfie be treated in Italy? I’m so confused and horrified, I can hardly type this. My hands are shaking. If they think Alfie should die, that’s their professional opinion and i respect that, but to actually stop his parents from continuing to help their son when they have options and avenues to do so seems extreme. I am a mother of two who would go to the ends of the earth for my children to help them, even it seems all hope is lost. As these parents are. But they are being stopped from doing this. Why? Can any parent read this without wanting to help? I can’t imagine. My heart goes out to this poor family. Follow @alfiesarmy and repost. People need to know this story. I fi

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So excited for my new story in @harpersbazaarcn! I love these pictures and a big thank you to my amazing creative team: Photographer @ouba43 #Zachzhang Hair @parcocheung16 Make up: #JohnnyWang You guys are so incredible!!❤️❤️❤️ #beijingdiary🇨🇳

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Working on the new movie #paradisehills has been such a blast! Not only because I’m surrounded by such a strong and stellar group of women, but this location is beyond spectacular! About 30 minutes from #barcelona, this was originally built as a private home before the owner passed away and now it sits completely empty. The architecture is so unique isn’t it? #barcelonadiary 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Happy 4/20 people!!! Little known fact that my biggest #goals at 16 was to be on the cover of @hightimesmagazine and guess what? They let me!😂😂😂 sorry for posting this Mom!😳 and thanks @prozacmorris_ for reminding me of this pic today! #420 #thingsyoudowhenyoure16 😋🤪😎🤤

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Bath time and night night✨ tomorrow is my first day filming on the new movie #paradisehills. I’m so excited to work with some of my favorite young actors @emmaroberts @eizagonzalez @awkwafina and #patticakes herself @daniellemacdonald!! Wish me luck!😬 #barcelonadiary Завтра мои первые день работать на новый фильм #paradisehills. Скажите мне удачи!!! My Russian is so bad guys!! Sorry!😝