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Alicia Keys A little something for you — “Raise a Man” | |
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@aliciakeys : This beautiful woman is my Aquarian sister! Man, she makes me proud to be a woman! I appreciate how much light she is dedicated to spreading throughout the world! I’ve said it before but she also has always been my example that you can be a powerful force of change AND extremely successful AND have a beautiful soul! I cherish that! So many times we see the opposite but the truth is there are no limits and no boxes for any of us!! 💥💥💥 Big happy birthday to my big sis @oprah!!! Thank you for all you bring to us! The world is brighter with you in it and I hope you can feel all the love and appreciation we have for you! May this year be better then any other before it. And may your highest self continue to be fulfilled and reflected!! With love AK
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