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Jena Malone Transformation/What a strange miracle you are. Gifting ease, hand in hand with maladies. Awkward, abrupt, abundant. You turn me into truth every time. | |
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@jenamalone : Self less no more. Self ish is not a sore word you apply to a wound but a salve to the burn of non reciprocal giving. Selfie with my phone. The phone a device I hold like a sword to my own tending. It’s clumsy. And occupies too much of my time. It’s sharp in the way it cuts invisible lines inside of me. And yet and still , I wield. I wield. And bend. To allow it room to point me in the direction of my own healing. A social virus. A tool of my own lifetime. A lifeline in the open sea of the human condition. I feel like my time with it is almost done. Selfish. Self love that puts the phone down when I’m looking for connection. And I simply look within. Almost my love. Almost there.
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