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@aliciakeys : I read this post by @danielledoby and instantly resonated!! I agree!! AMEN!!! So much so I wanted to share it with you! What do u think of this powerful sentiment?? Thank you for these amazing words @danielledoby can’t wait to read more of what u write! —————————————————— #repost @danielledoby this year i choose to burn my good candles on a tuesday at noon, just because. i choose to use the expensive lotion, the one i keep tucked safe up on the counter. not ration any of my most cherished belongings, because i am worth investing in — right now.  this year i choose to wear that thing. you know, the one i told myself i would slip on when i looked a certain way? i choose to love my body. this vessel i have been given. and her seasons as they shift.  this year i give myself permission to change and keep changing. for i understand there is an underlying truth when it comes to becoming — it doesn’t have to mirror anyone else.  this year i choose to let go. really let go. of the heavy, of the half-hearted, no more forcing connection where it no longer lives — i choose to nourish what’s willing to grow.  this year i choose to be grateful for the teachings of my yesterday. i honor my wholeness when i honor my whole story — even the shaky parts.  this year i choose to step forward. clear eyes. heart open. two feet grounded. palms wide to the all-is-possible, unknown + new.  pgs 96-97 of ‘i am her tribe’ copyright book illustration (which if you know me + my wild hair, you know this is a self portrait) created by @chelsealeifken
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