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Lisa Wilkinson Former Today Show Host, now @theprojecttv! Exec-editor @TenDailyAu Chocolate lover/hugs giver/secret keeper & proud mum of 3. Facebook: LisaWilkinson | |

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Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments about tonight’s @theprojecttv dress. I loved it too. It’s @huskofficial by @kirrilyjohnston #royalwedding #thesundayproject #royalweddinghangover #towerbridgelondon #toweroflondon #london #thames #riverthames

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It was a huge and happy day... And now, it’s the morning after. All the #royalwedding deets you might have missed, the funniest moments, and how the hell I got my dress designer prediction so HORRIBLY wrong...coming right up on the Sunday Project Wedding Hangover Special at 6.30pm. @theprojecttv #windsorcastle

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Just like a fairytale.... #royalwedding #harryandmeghan #gingermegs From @thecatwalkitalia @tendailyau @theprojecttv

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Classic. ‘Straya! #royalwedding #straya

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Double-O Meghan! #etype #royalwedding

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Meghan’s exquisite dress number Stella McCartney. Just wow! #royalwedding #slay

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Now that’s a kiss...

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For what it’s worth I reckon Meghan will go for @ralphandrusso as the designers for her wedding dress....with a lot of showbiz-type Hollywood sparkle and beading. Headlines tomorrow? Markle Sparkles!#MarkleSparkles #royalwedding #braveprediction

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I have found my tribe at the #royalwedding! #aussieaussieaussie And don’t forget if you’re out and about and want to watch the wedding live without all those pesky ads and interruptions just head to the @tendailyau website. And you can follow @tendailyau on Instagram. We are live-streaming from 6pm AEST. #harryandmeghan #australia #marklesparkle

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“I’m Getting Harryed In The Morning”. So to speak... #royalwedding

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She really would have been incredibly proud... #Diana #PrinceHarry #royalwedding

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We are family! Meghan Markle and her mum Doria Ragland arriving at Cliveden House Hotel for Meghan’s final night before the big day. Their smiling faces say it all. #royalwedding @tendailyau

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Not able to get to a TV tomorrow night for the #royalwedding? Never fear, because @tendailyau will be streaming it live no matter where you are from 6PM AEST. No pesky ads and NO interruptions! Just log on to the #tendaily website and you won’t miss a thing! And don’t forget to follow @tendailyau on Instagram for all the behind the scenes updates. 👰👸👑 🥂 #harryandmeghan #windsor #tendaily

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Have you worked out your royal wedding guest name yet? It’s a bit like working out your porn star name, only not. Just put together: *TITLE: Lord or Lady. *FIRST NAME: your grandparent’s. *SURNAME: your first pet’s name. *OF: first street that you lived. Mine is: (ahem) Lady Elsie Sparky Of Sturt! 👑 👸 👰 LOVE to hear yours. Cheers! 🥂 #BuckinghamPalace #royalwedding @tendailyau

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On Saturday, the fun, feisty, spirited Meghan Markle’s life will change forever when she marries the most eligible bachelor in the world. Their adoration for each other is clear and palpable, and she will experience a platform and a level of privilege that will be beyond her wildest dreams. But what does this strong, independent woman have to sacrifice when she marries Prince Harry? It’s a list that’s surprisingly long - and will be very challenging. Particularly for Meghan. You’ll find it in my latest column for @tendailyau The link is in my bio 🔝 #royalwedding #meghanmarkle

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Oh the glamour of an early morning cross from a freeeeezing cold #Westminster back to @theprojecttv - and yes that is my producer’s puffer jacket tied around my legs. How good’s showbiz? Coat: @sandroparis Dress: @huskofficial #royalwedding #London #channel10 @tendailyau

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Aussies are everywhere here in London for the #royalwedding, including sisters Helen and Judy, who have left their hubbies behind in Adelaide and headed for Windsor on Saturday. Meantime, anyone want an official #harryandmeghan coffee cup? Tea towel? Bobble head? Condoms? (Ok, maybe not-so-official...) #London #picadillycircus @tendailyau @theprojecttv Coat: @burberry

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Hello #London! Where #royalwedding fever has taken over the town. @theprojecttv @tendailyau #tendaily Dress: @zara

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This is me, aged 15, with my best friend Michelle at #Campbelltown High School, smiling for the camera. But inside I was hurting something terrible... The reason why is in my first column for @tendailyau Link in bio. #tendaily #channel10

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Thrilled to let you know that our brand new baby @tendailyau is now live. News, views, lifestyle, entertainment, and so much more... Come join us! And follow us! You’re going to love it. #channel10 #tendaily

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Happy Mother’s Day Mum. Our first without you... xxx

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Tomorrow will be the fabulous @turiapitt’s very first #MothersDay since the birth of beautiful little Hakavai. And tomorrow night, we sit down for her very first interview since becoming a mum....or as Turia puts it, her “world turned upside down”. It’s raw, real and deeply moving. Tomorrow night on the Sunday Project at 6.30PM. #channel10 @theprojecttv #thesundayproject @tendailyau #TuriaPitt #Sunday

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Tonight’s @theprojecttv hair brought to you by a veeeeery busy week. And the talented @goochihairandmakeup Makeup: @shelbyrosemua Top: @cinqasept from @huskofficial #channel10 @tendailyau

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Simple, really. #chocolate

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So excited to be heading to London next week to cover the royal wedding of Harry & Meghan for @theprojecttv and @tendailyau Seven years ago I was lucky enough to be on the ground covering Kate & William’s big day as well. Can’t wait to see what Meghan creates with Aussie designers @ralphandrusso, but here’s a reminder of just how exquisite Kate’s @alexandermcqueen dress was... #royalwedding #princeharry #harryandmeghan #meghanmarkle #duchessofcambridge #katemiddleton #theprojecttv #thesundayproject

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I’ve always wanted to jump out of a plane. That idea of free-falling, the birds-eye view, the rush of adrenalin, and the feeling of achieving one of those really big ticket items on your bucket list. And then I met @em_carey At the age of 20, and just five days into her European trip of a lifetime, Emma went on a tandem sky-dive in Switzerland. And she was loving it...until the chute failed, the instructor she was strapped to fell unconscious and, at 14,000ft, the ground started racing towards her. And it was all being caught on film. What happened next, how and where she landed, Emma’s incredible story of survival against all the odds since, and the important message she has, particularly for young women after coming so close to death, is a must-watch. Tonight, at 6.30pm only on the Sunday Project. @theprojecttv #channel10 #thesundayproject #theproject #goldcoast #BurleighHeads #PalmBeach #queensland Top: @huskofficial

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It’s Friday night and you know what that’s @theprojecttv time!! Join us at 6.30pm on #channel10 X Dress: @ganni from @netaporter Earrings: @meetthatstore

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Australia you are amazing! $2.1M raised in just one hour of @theprojecttv for brain cancer research through #carriesbeanies4braincancer And @bickmorecarrie - it is all because of you and your incredible passion for the cause. Respect. And so much love. Meantime, if you haven’t bought one of these winter must-haves yet, you can jump online now and buy a beanie at @carriesb4bc PS. And how much fun is it to be in the audience at The Project? @miafreedman @_rachelcorbett @tblack81 @wippa1 @fitzy18 @fitzyandwippa

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So thrilled to be supporting @bickmorecarrie and the team tonight for the #carriesbeanies4braincancer launch. Just in time for the cold weather, you too can make a difference by grabbing your beanie from Its the best thing you’ll do today!

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Reason number six hundred and seventy eight for loving my move to @theprojecttv: tonight, having @james_marsden star of #Westworld #TheNotebook #30Rock #XMen #Hairspray #27Dresses and a bunch of other fab roles, at the desk. I’m pleased to report he is an absolute honey. And while @jan__fran and I remained completely professional, @mrstommylittle was crushing hard! (And sorry about cutting you off Tommy...too much good looking going on to fit you all in.)

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Not sure what the statute of limitations is on #oldheadshotday but here’s my submission. Fifteen years old and my first visit to an RSL club. At #TweedHeads with my girlfriend Sharon and her parents. And no, that’s not a rum and would have been pure unadulterated 100% proof Tab Cola. Which was the drink of the day back then. With a slice of lemon to take away the bitter metallic after-taste... I know, lemon to take AWAY the bitter taste. How good were the 70’s? PS. And how good was the fashion uniform of the day: peasant blouses? And thin eyebrows!!

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Tonight on @theprojecttv with the wonderful @gorgicoghlan Hope you can join us at 6.30 on #channel10 X

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One hundred years ago today, on the hallowed fields of #villersbretonneux in France, my beautiful late grandfather, William Charles Wilkinson, took his place alongside the troops of the 15th Brigade during WW1 in one of the most horrific battles Australian Forces have ever seen. Against all odds they triumphed in capturing back the town of Villers-Bretonneux which signalled the end of the war, but at a cost of more than 2400 young Australian lives. Untold others came home wounded including Sapper Wilkinson. Right now, my brother Kyle is walking those same fields and attending the dawn service, with my grandfather’s medals proudly in hand. “Bappy”, as we called him, returned home after a long stay in hospital and went on to marry our grandma Elsie. He died when I was just 11, and to the best of my knowledge never complained about his injuries, nor spoke of the horror he witnessed, or of the dear friends he lost. And despite all he endured, he was without doubt the kindest and most humble man I have ever known. Lest we forget.... #ANZAC #ANZACday #lestweforget

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How time flies...

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I was given a flower by someone very very special today. His name is Baker. Baker is four years old. And his family has been on a journey you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Their incredible love story, remarkable resilience and inspirational bravery is coming soon to Sunday @theprojecttv #channel10

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Back at @theprojecttv desk tonight with the fabulous @gorgicoghlan Hope you can join us from 6.30pm. #channel10 Dress: @antheacrawford

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Congratulations @nicolekidman on your well-deserved place on @time magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential for your very important work in so many areas of social justice, female empowerment and women’s causes....much of which I know you do quietly and away from the spotlight. You’ve come a long way Nicole. So proud of all you continue to achieve, and thrilled to have been the one to give you your very first magazine cover on Dolly way back in 1983 (which, by my calculations must be about 25,000 covers ago - give or take a gatrillion). X #100mostinfluential #timemagazine #TIME100 #nicolekidman #Dolly cover pic by: @grahamshearer Styled by: @pashassnaps

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Standing by in a suddenly chilly #TimesSquare #NewYork ready to bring you my exclusive interview with @AmySchumer on The Sunday Project. You’re going to love it! See you at 6.30pm on #channel10 @theprojecttv #thesundayproject @ifeelpretty @ifeelprettyfilm #amyschumer